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What’s so special about the skin cream from 2,700 years ago in China?

A bottle of lotion was discovered at an ancient tomb in China. Photo: Daily Mail

The Daily Mail (UK) said the tomb was located in Liujiawa. Among the antiquities discovered at the site, one thing that caught attention was the face cream in a copper jar.

Scientists analyzed the chemical composition of this soft yellow-white material. They found that the two main ingredients are ruminant fat and the white cream “moon milk”. Accordingly, “moon milk” is soft mud, formed on the ceiling of limestone caves and when dry it can be pulverized.

Scientists rated this antiquity as a testament to the early Chinese cosmetic products. They say this cream makes the skin of the face whiter. Additionally, the Taoist schools in the area previously believed that cave minerals had special powers.

However, there is evidence that Chinese women have used cosmetics for a long time. In 2016, researchers discovered red beauty products used from 1980-1450 BC.

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