Me Annik Magri.  Photo: LinkedIn


Me Annik Magri. Photo: LinkedIn

Project Loquace: acquitted of most charges

Mes lawyers Christian Gauthier and Annik magri saw their client Rabih Alkhalil acquitted of charges of trafficking cocaine for the benefit of a criminal organization, trafficking in money, and importing and trafficking cocaine last Friday in Longueuil.

The judge Anne-Marie Jacques of the Court of Quebec ruled that there was insufficient evidence to guarantee his guilt.

The 33-year-old accused was, however, convicted of conspiracy to import and conspire to traffic cocaine, reveals La Presse.

Alkhalil was among a group of six who attempted to seize the monopoly on cocaine trafficking in Canada in 2012. At the end of this trial, he will face another in Vancouver. He has also already been found guilty of murder in Ontario.

Me Isabelle Dorion.  Photo: University of Sherbrooke website


Me Isabelle Dorion. Photo: University of Sherbrooke website

She recognizes a homicide

Kassandra harpin de Lambton was sentenced to four years and three months’ imprisonment for manslaughter of Heliodor Dulac on August 17 at the Sherbrooke courthouse, reveals La Tribune.

The man was found lifeless at his Milan residence on June 3, 2018.

The 31-year-old was initially charged with second degree murder, but criminal prosecutor Me Isabelle Dorion and defense lawyer Me Anne-Marie Campeau presented a common sentencing suggestion with the guilty plea to a lesser charge.

Another trial is to be held from November 2 for a second accused, Ian Belanger, charged with second degree murder in this case.

Two years for child sexual abuse

Serge Breton was found guilty last Wednesday of sexual abuse between 2009 and 2015 against two children, the first between 6 and 11 years old, and the other between 8 and 10 years old.

When he kept them, the man tickled the children to touch their private parts and slipped their own hand into his pants, reveals La Tribune. Same scenario when he rocked them or when they played together.

Me Michèle Lamarre-Leroux.  Photo: Website of the Center communautaire juridique de l'Estrie


Me Michèle Lamarre-Leroux. Photo: Website of the Center communautaire juridique de l’Estrie

“Adults are there to protect children, not to destroy them”, sent the judge Gilles Lafreniere of the Court of Quebec to the accused, represented by Me Michèle Lamarre-Leroux legal aid at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

Me Lamarre-Leroux and the criminal prosecution attorney Me Layla Belgharras proposed a sentence of two years less a day in prison and three years probation upon release from prison, a suggestion accepted by the judge.

Guilty of causing suffering to 16 dogs

A man from La Tuque appeared in a serious case of animal cruelty at the courthouse in the same city last Thursday, reveals Le Nouvelliste. He was sentenced to four months in the community.

André Fraser shot 12 dogs, and kept 16 more in his home in too small wooden boxes where the poor animals could not stretch, were in their droppings, with no water and no blankets to lie down. Unheard of, according to the head of the municipal pound, who had no other choice but to euthanize all the aggressive dogs.

A police officer who went to André Fraser’s home admitted in court to having vomited twice as the smell was so intense. The accused had only his sister to defend him as a witness.

Me Nicolas Cossette.  Photo: PFC Lawyers website


Me Nicolas Cossette. Photo: PFC Lawyers website

“All of the evidence is not contradicted. It just doesn’t make sense the state that these dogs were kept in. (…) Her sister comes to protect her brother, she has a hard time saying it’s messy… ”, pleaded the Crown prosecutor. Eric Thériault.

André Fraser represented himself alone, and signified in his defense that he was saving abandoned dogs according to his late mother’s wishes.

“If he wasn’t the one who fired, he was the one who placed the order. He’s ungrateful enough to blame this on his dead mother. It’s cheap, ”added Me Thériault.

Child pornography: 30 months in the shade

Jimmy Come on, from Granby, was found guilty Thursday of having already possessed or had in his possession more than 240,000 pornography files on his computers, reveals the Voice of the East.

Defense lawyer Me Nicolas Cossette and Crown Attorney Me Laurence Belanger proposed a 30-month jail term, which the judge Serge Champoux accepted, qualifying it as “reasonable and which meets the relevant criteria”.

The 30-year-old culprit will not have to touch the Internet for the next 10 years either.