What’s changed from the original?

Compared to the previous version of the headset released earlier this year, 1More ComfoBuds 2 upgraded in a number of aspects, including battery life, stable connection performance through the Bluetooth 5.2 standard, and the ability to adjust the sound quality through the EQ settings.

1More ComfoBuds 2 has a modern design that gives users a comfortable and snug wearing experience. In addition, the pair of headphones also meets IPX5 water and sweat resistance standards, allowing users to wear a pair of headphones during every running session without worrying about damaging the internal components.

The product possesses a good level of battery life, which can compete with other competing headsets in the same money range. With this level of battery life, you can use the headset for a long time without much worry.

The characteristic sound quality of 1More ComfoBuds 2 is emphasized on the bass range, providing strong sound quality, suitable for many genres of music and very easy to listen to. In case you are not really satisfied with the sound quality of the 1More ComfoBuds 2, you can also change it based on the EQ settings in the companion app.

In addition, the pair of headphones still possesses the strengths of the original version, including strong overall sound quality, eye-catching and personality design, along with reliable water resistance. Today’s article will review in detail 1More ComfoBuds 2, thereby pointing out the pluses and minuses of the product line.

Specifications of 1More ComfoBuds 2

  • Design form: Earbuds, True Wireless
  • Drivers: Dynamic, 13.4 mm
  • Frequency response range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Battery life: 6 hours (plus 24 hours from the charging case)
  • Bluetooth: 5.2
  • Connection range: 12 m

1More ComfoBuds 2

1More ComfoBuds 2: Design

Apart from the branding and packaging, 1More ComfoBuds 2 has the same external design as its predecessor. The pair of headphones has the same design language, the same color version and IPX5 water resistance standard. The only difference I can find is the smaller microphone on the top.

The design of the charging box does not seem to have changed much. Similar to the original version, the box still possesses a slim design with a distinctive logo on the front. The box is equipped with an LED strip on the front to show the battery status, while the back has a USB Type-C charging port. This box has not very high build quality, so be careful not to drop it during use.

1More ComfoBuds 2 provides an extremely comfortable wearing experience and fits well, providing a good experience during long-term use. Overall, 1More ComfoBuds 2 is a pair of headphones with a beautiful design, giving users a good and extremely comfortable wearing experience.

1More ComfoBuds 2

1More ComfoBuds 2: Controls

1More programmed the ComfoBuds 2 with several touch controls, including playing/pausing music, managing calls, changing volume, and interacting with the virtual assistant. The pair of headphones is equipped with proximity sensors, providing the ability to automatically mute the sound when you remove or put on the pair of headphones. These pair of headphones’ control methods have precise and stable performance.

ComfoBuds 2 is compatible with virtual assistants including Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby. The headset’s mic system has very good voice recognition, allowing me to easily interact with the virtual assistant during actual use.

1More ComfoBuds 2: Sound quality

ComfoBuds 2 possesses a characteristic sound pressure, with emphasis on the low frequency range, providing a powerful and easy-to-listen musical experience. Similar to the original version, the pair of headphones is equipped with a pair of dynamic drivers with a size of 13.4 mm, capable of emitting a sharp mid-range and a solid low range.

Using the companion application 1More, you can customize the sound quality of the pair of headphones through the Equalizer settings with more than 10 available settings, providing a good sound experience and suitable for each use case. different.

Overall, ComfoBuds 2 gives listeners a balanced sound, suitable for many different genres of music on the market. The sound quality of 1More ComfoBuds 2 is suitable for many different genres of music, providing a good listening experience.

1More ComfoBuds 2

1More ComfoBuds 2: Companion App

Although it does not have active noise cancellation or SoundID features like in more expensive versions of its headphones, ComfoBuds 2 still has many useful features to improve the user experience. In addition to the features of EQ adjustment, touch control operation that I talked about above, the pair of headphones also owns a few other features.

The application has a clean, user-friendly interface. All settings and features of the software are well laid out, allowing me to easily interact and change during use.

In this app you can find a function called “Smooth Sounds”. This is inherently an environmental sound mode and has a total of 16 different settings for you to choose from.

The software also has another feature called “Smart Burn-In”, which is a setting designed to change the specific sound quality of the pair of headphones. In addition, the application also provides users with information about the battery life of each headset and the charging box.

1More ComfoBuds 2: Battery life

According to the manufacturer, the battery life of ComfoBuds 2 is estimated to be about 6 hours in a charge-discharge cycle. This is a level of battery life that is in the mid-range compared to the segment. For comparison, ComfoBuds 2 has a longer battery life than AirPods 2 (5 hours) and equals AirPods 3 (6 hours).

The charging box itself can recharge 24 hours of use time for the pair of headphones, similar to the charging box of AirPods 2. The pair of headphones supports fast charging, with only 15 minutes of charging will recharge 3 hours of usage time.

1More ComfoBuds 2: Call quality and connection

ComfoBuds 2 delivers mid-range calling performance. During actual use, the pair of headphones is capable of playing and recording voice clearly and accurately, providing a good experience when listening to phone calls.

The pair of headphones support the Bluetooth 5.2 connection standard, providing a stable and strong connection performance. The product has a wide connection range, up to 12 m from the source device. The pair of headphones can pair quickly with Android as well as iOS devices.


1More ComfoBuds 2 is a pair of high-quality Bluetooth headphones that offer users good sound quality and long battery life. The product has a modern and eye-catching design, along with IPX5 water resistance that allows you to use the pair of headphones during running sessions without much worry. If you are looking to buy a pair of wireless headphones that are cheap and have many useful features, then the 1More ComfoBuds 2 will be a good choice.

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Plus mark

  • Powerful sound, suitable for many genres of music
  • Improved battery life compared to the original
  • Meets waterproof and sweatproof standards
  • Highly sensitive touch controls
  • Stable Bluetooth connection

Minus point

  • Google Assistant support is not very good
  • No active noise cancellation
  • The high range shown is not too impressive

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