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What you need to know about Mugen and Honda HR-V and Mugen sports package in Vietnam

Mugen was founded in 1973 by Hirotoshi Honda, the son of Honda founder Mr. Soichiro Honda. This is a brand to upgrade genuine cars for Honda, like BMW with M Performance, Mercedes with AMG. Mugen in Japanese means "Unlimited". This partly shows Mugen's ambition. In its history, Mugen not only upgraded Honda's commercial vehicles, they used to make F1 racing engines and even created super-electric motors racing at TT Zero.

In Vietnam, we can add Mugen to the Honda HR-V for our car with a sports accessory package. As I said before, a car that is inherently beautiful and harmonious like the HR-V is difficult to make. But we can still add it with the Mugen sports accessory package.

Sports package for HR-V includes 9 items and is designed by Mugen's team in Japan. First we have a front bumper, a side panel, and a rear bumper. These details not only help the car look more subtle, but also improve the car's aerodynamics a bit. Exactly it reduces the amount of wind running down under the vehicle and reduces the body lift. As a result, the body will be more stable when running at high speeds.

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Next we have the Mugen stamp set on both sides of the body with 3 characteristic colors of Mugen: yellow, red and dark gray. In addition, there are two small Mugen logos on the sides of the body, confirming the unlimited handsomeness of this crossover.

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The set of wheels is the most expensive detail in the Mugen sports kit for HR-V. Although the tray size remains the same as 17 ", the tray design is completely new to distinguish it from the HR-V wheels.

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In the back, we have spoiler wings painted silver and larger in size than the original. This promises to bring more downforce and contribute to a more stable body when running fast. Besides, here we also have a small Mugen logo underneath the HR-V.

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Finally, the Mugen logo also appears on the central pedestal of the gear lever area to bring out the special for the interior compartment. The total cost for 9 items of the Mugen accessory package for HR-V is 77 million 145 thousand. However, Honda issued a policy to buy a package once, the price is only 64 million 660 thousand dong. That means a reduction of nearly 12 million and a half from the original price.

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Mugen sports package for HR-V does not interfere in terms of strength so below the lid is still a 1.8 liter natural gas engine, SOHC, with variable valve technology and electronic valve lift i -VTEC. This engine has a maximum capacity of 141 horsepower and a maximum torque of 172 Nm.

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According to me, this 1.8-liter engine still meets the driver's speed demand quite well, not being in the low range of the rewinding range as the weaker ones. I keep pedaling the car it rushes, feeling very natural.

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If possible, I wish in the coming time Mugen will provide more upgrade items for driving feel, as well as not only the engine power of the HR-V but also other Honda cars in Vietnam to bring the feeling happy to own a car. Eg:
– Sports suspension system. Hanging zin of HR-V is slightly soft in the direction of comfort. I want to have a sports suspension to react to the body faster, cornering, more confident.
– High-performance air intake system to improve the power range and torque of the vehicle.
– High-performance pĆ“ system. For more exciting sound when running and adding a bit of power.
Just a little like that is fun enough. If so, I will do a lot of car upgrades so that you can better understand the benefits and joys of upgrading.

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As for the HR-V, this is still the best B-class crossover and owns the most spacious interior space in the segment. The comfort and safety equipment is also very complete, outstanding with:
– Electronic hand brake featuring automatic brake hold.
– Panoramic sunroof
– The rearview mirror in the anti-glare car
– Automatic lights
– Automatic wiper
– 8-way power driver's seat (version L)
– Camera and sensor reversing
– 6 Airbags

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The driving feel of the HR-V is also quite good in terms of a crossover. Moderate, non-light electric power steering feel is not heavy, but it is important to convey inspiration to the driver. The most outstanding feature in the overall driving experience of the HR-V is the infinitely variable gearbox with a sports simulator gear shift mode. This is probably the best stepless gearbox on the market with the ability to catch the numbers very fast, almost equivalent to the good model variable gearbox.

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HR-V is a nice car. That is unquestionable. With a nice car, we should add to it the speciality here which is a bit of Mugen spirit at a cost of nearly 65 million VND. As a result, we have a nice car in a special way.

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