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What would Beethoven look like if he was born in the 21st century?

Have you ever wondered what if the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven would have looked like if he was born more than 200 years late?

An artist using digital technology has elevated his great works from oil paintings to modern styled replicas. Becca Saladin used layered photo retouching technique on digital drawings that created Beethoven’s portraits. “Era 4.0”.

Instead of a loose collared shirt with a red tie replaced by a western, business-style vest. Beethoven’s multi-layered curling hair is also trimmed for a shorter, tidier look. Now he looks more like a manager of a fund management company than an artist composing music.

Exchange with ClassicFMMs. Becca revealed how to handle the following photo “Beethoven’s modern photos are a combination of many photos, with many overlapping layers”. She said: “I want modern versions that depict the moods of the characters in the original”.

From my personal point of view, looking at this modern photo of Beethoven looks quite similar to that of a coach José Mourinho. What is your opinion?


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