What will the Nord Stream-2 project look like?

What will the Nord Stream-2 project look like?

On January 20, Mr. Joe Biden took office as President of the United States. European countries were immediately interested in what policy he would choose with Europe and in particular regarding the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline project.

How will Nord Stream-2?
The US and Germany will negotiate for the Nord Stream gas pipeline – 2.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki partially answered the issue that Europeans are concerned about and said that the new White House administration will not completely lift sanctions on participating companies. project of Nord Stream – 2 and also did not modify the measures previously applied by the old administration.

US President Joe Biden also held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which the issue of stopping construction of the gas pipeline.

Currently, the new US administration is very interested in the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project and is ready to hold talks to resolve the current issue between Germany and the US. However, according to American experts, the general direction of US energy policy will not change.

The new US president does not put pressure on Germany, but according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the new US President Joe Biden’s view will not be much different from that of former US President Donald Trump.

Recall that, in 2016, as Vice President of the United States, Mr. Biden declared that this gas pipeline would endanger Europe and there was a need to diversify Europe’s gas supplies. Europe to eliminate the possibility of being “blackmailed” by Russia.

According to Biden’s former colleagues, the new US president will try to persuade European partners to stop participating in the Nord Stream-2 project, but if negotiations do not yield results, he is willing to use take stronger measures.

Just as under former US President Donald Trump, the German government is still resolutely implementing this project and has said that US efforts to stop the construction of the gas pipeline will be considered. German interference in internal affairs.

Experts hope that the negotiations between Washington and Berlin will be successful and that both sides will make a suitable decision, in favor of both sides, such as the US will be allowed to build some Liquefied combustion processing plant in Europe in exchange for the completion and commissioning of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline system.

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