What will Justin Bieber's personalized Rolls-Royce Wraith look like?

What will Justin Bieber’s personalized Rolls-Royce Wraith look like?

With a reported net worth of nearly $ 300 million, Justin Bieber had plenty of money to buy some expensive cars and he used to do it.

The singer has an increasingly diverse collection of vehicles and has recently added to the list of a Rolls-Royce Wraith, which has been comprehensively modified by West Coast Customs and doesn’t look like it. any Rolls currently in production.

The personalized Wraith was recently spotted by YouTuber and looks bizarre. When the car was created, West Coast Customs clearly wanted to make it look much more futuristic, so almost all the shirt parts were replaced.

Starting at the front, the luxury front end features a pair of new headlights and features a smaller front grille than the regular Wraith, as well as unique air intakes and a distinctive hood. The sides of the body are where things have been raised to new heights thanks to the wheel covers on the front and rear wheels, as well as the extremely unique wheel arches and panels. West Coast Customs even had difficulty removing the wing mirrors and replaced it with a small camera on the front wheel arch. The rear end is also changed to suit the car more including the triangular taillights.

It’s hard to tell from this video if any modifications have been made to the interior, but given the exterior’s difference from the standard we wouldn’t be surprised if it were also customized.

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