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Release dates, features, leaks, rumors and news. Everything we know about the next major annual Android update.

Last year version 11 of the Android system was released. 2021 is here and so version 12 is starting to be talked about. While little information is currently available, some details have emerged. You will therefore find in this article all that we currently know including the most enticing rumors.

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For starters, there’s the release date. No surprise on this side, version 12 should follow the usual schedule. A version for developers is expected in February 2021, the public beta around May announced at an I / O conference, if health news allows, then a official release for the start of the 2021 school year.

Which phones will have the system first?

During the official release, only certain devices will be compatible, this obviously includes Google’s smartphones, the Pixels. For the record, at the launch of Android 11, only Pixel 2 and successor devices were compatible as well as a few OnePlus, OPPO, Xiaomi and Realme devices.

We can therefore expect the same pattern and find the update on the existing Pixel series, the new Google flagship which will be released directly with the update and some “partner” devices

Safer and easier access to “other app stores”

Google announced last fall that Android 12 will improve access to libraries of alternative applications without compromising the security systems in place. No details have been revealed about this feature, but we can expect easier and faster access to third-party applications completely secure.

A restricted network mode

Mishaal Rahman, an XDA developer, found in the source codes of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) mentions of a restricted network mode. Concretely once the mode is activated, only authorized applications would have access to the network, others would be unable to send or receive data.

However, the developer indicates that, for the moment, only a few applications chosen by the integrator will have this functionality. It is therefore not a configurable firewall, but this opens up an interesting possibility for the future. Imagine that Google sets up an interface to select a list of applications with internet access. We will have to wait a little longer to find out how the company integrates this functionality into Android 12.

Paired applications on split screen.

Android already offers a screen sharing option where you can view two apps at the same time. According to 9to5Gogole, Google is working on an improved version called App Pairs. Concretely, instead of simply separating the screen, this functionality would make it possible to create a pair of applications which will behave as one, splittable again. Obviously the pair would have an adjustable separator to adjust the proportion taken by each of the applications on the screen.

System updates through the Play Store

Android 12 should allow simpler update deployment. Google should add ART (Android Runtime) as the main module of its next OS. This will allow the company to pass its system updates through the Play Store rather than the OTA (Over The Air). In short, this means more frequent updates and less work for smartphone manufacturers who will no longer have to adapt updates to their devices.

A “hibernation” mode for unused applications

XDA developers have also discovered a feature that would allow the system to “hibernate” applications that are very little used in order to optimize the power consumption of the phone as well as the allocated space. According to the changes submitted to the AOSP, Google would add a new system “that manages applications in hibernation state, a state in which they can enter, which means that they are no longer used regularly and therefore be optimized for storage. “.

What to expect for Android 12

Android has not experienced a graphics update since switching to Material Design in 2014. A major graphics overhaul could therefore be welcome. This could include trendy iOs 14 stackable widgets. It would also be good to see Android 12 be compatible with more devices when it is released and the new features available with all phones. Indeed, Google tends to reserve its most interesting features for Pixel users only.

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