What we already know about Samsung Galaxy Note 10, what do you see?

What we already know about Samsung Galaxy Note 10, what do you see?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be a new product with many things very different from the previous Note generation, the Note fans will definitely like. So what's the new Galaxy Note 10 and worth it for us? Read this article.

Slim border screen design with hole-cut camera

It sounds like S10, but instead of the hole deviating to one side, the Note 10 will use the front camera in the middle of the screen. I see this makes the Note 10 look more balanced, do not know if it is uncomfortable to use it, wait for the actual machine to experience it to know. S10 and S10 + do well this case, not annoying at all.

And do not forget that Note 10 has a very sexy border design.


There are 2 or 3 versions

The previous year Galaxy Note usually only released a single version, particularly in 2014 with a curved Galaxy Edge screen only. But this year, I heard rumors that Samsung will launch 2 or 3 new Galaxy Note versions to better compete with iPhones and Chinese firms, including:

  • Galaxy Note 10: This is a standard Note, full of what you want in a Note like a 6.4 "wide screen, S Pen pen, good camera, square design …
  • Galaxy Note 10 Pro: stronger version of Note 10, maybe the screen will still be the same size as the Note 10 but with 5G, more RAM (?), And if the screen is bigger, it will be 6 ,8"
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus: There are two cases, this Note 10 Plus is the Note 10 Pro, but the rumor assigns it a different name, or Note 10 Plus is really a separate machine, possibly adding more What about bigger camera and screen?

Camera with many features

Camera will be one of the things that the Note 10 does very well. We can expect to see the Time of Flight sensor (ToF) to measure subject distance like on S10 and S10 +, but on the Note 10 it has the ability to "DepthVision". This is a brand that Samssung recently registered to protect, it involves "cameras for smartphones and cameras to create virtual 3D images, and lenses for smartphones".


It seems that the ToF sensor will be fully exploited by Samsung to serve 3D rendering of AR applications – which is one of the prominent trends of mobile phones. It is possible that DepthVision will also improve the ability to separate the subject from the background, making the portrait even more prominent, the effect of deleting fonts better.

Other information about the camera of the Note 10 that we already know includes 12MP main sensor, 12MP telephoto camera and 16MP wide-angle tube (this tube is only available on Pro).

The S Pen continues to be the highlight

Can't talk about Note which lacks S Pen. The Note 10 series will continue to improve the S Pen, but so far we don't know what the new experience will be because the leaked news doesn't say much about the pen. Can imagine better feedback, pen strokes closer to the pen tip, pen used to control the phone feature remotely (last year was available) …

Configuration of Galaxy Note 10

Note 10 is expected to have:

  • 25W fast charger
  • UFS 3.0 memory
  • 4170mAh battery
  • Exynos 9825 chip
  • RAM 8GB, 12GB version available
  • Heard say the Note 10 Pro version has no memory card slot
  • Hold the 3.5mm headphone jack

Launch date of Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10 will be officially released on August 7, about a month away. There I will report the exact time to you, and it is definitely not possible to not live this event directly.

Duy Luân

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