What to eat to avoid constipation

What to eat to avoid constipation

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Cases of constipation are due in large part to our food. Adopting a diet rich in fiber, drinking plenty of water and playing sports allows, in most cases, to end constipation or prevent it from occurring. Find out what foods you should consume to get rid of this problem.

What to eat against constipation

Consume foods with high fiber content allows you to fight constipation. During digestion, plant fibers are filled with water, thus stimulating intestinal transit and increasing the volume of feces.

Foods that prevent constipation

Among the foods that fight constipation, the main ones are legumes, such as lentils, peas, beans and chickpeas. Besides that, dry fruits have a lot of fibers and minerals. However, these products are also very caloric, containing up to 320 kcal per 100 grams. Therefore, fresh fruit they are best suited to combat constipation.

Other examples of foods that help intestinal transit are vegetables, like cabbage, celery and spinach, whole grains, such as oats and brown rice. Give preference to eating vegetables and fruits with the peel, where most of the fibers and other nutrients are.

When to see a doctor

In case of recurrent constipation and little improvement even with changing eating habits, see a doctor to investigate the occurrence of any pathology associated with the problem. Go to a specialist especially if it occurs bleeding during evacuation.

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