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What to do when your Samsung phone crashes Recovery

Currently, the system of CellphoneS and Dien Vui Shop stores will receive and provide free support to customers who encounter the “Recovery” suspension.

As we know this morning (May 23), a series of Samsung smartphone users in Vietnam have simultaneously encountered the phenomenon of “suspended Recovery” and could not boot into the OS.

The cause of this problem is attributed to the software update. More specifically, Samsung devices will automatically update “tzdata” (Timezone data), this is an application that allows the device to automatically adjust and set the exact time to where users are. tzdata has been updated on previous versions of Samsung operating system, but for those who have not updated the software to the new version since August 2019, when tzdata is updated, the device will have a partial conflict. Soft and automatically boot into Recovery.

The representative of Samsung Vietnam, after receiving user comments, also gave the first feedback. Sam confirmed that this is an unexpected error and only occurred on certain Galaxy J smartphones launched since 2018, in which the device has not been updated with software. Other Galaxy smartphones are not affected. The company also said it will try to fix the situation as soon as possible.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 74880B69-A0D8-4174-81D2-D43BA7A028D0 What to do when your Samsung phone is suspended Recovery

If you are using a 2018 Galaxy J, you will experience the above phenomenon. Try the temporary fix below.

First, go to the recovery recovery screen Try Again> Turn the phone on the black screen> Call through the faulty device> Then start the phone> Pull down the status bar> Go to settings> upgrade software (note keep the screen on)> Wait a while

If you can not follow the above fix, you can take it to the major phone dealers for support. Currently, CellphoneS will receive all Galaxy J 2018 cases with Recovery error, applicable to customers who have purchased or have not purchased it at CellphoneS. In addition to CellphoneS, customers can also bring their phones to the Funny Phone repair shop system for free support.

Customers can refer to the addresses of CellphoneS stores and the system of Funny Phone stores nationwide in the link below.

CellphoneS store address

Phone of the Funny Store

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