What to do when the steering wheel is deflected?

What to do when the steering wheel is deflected?

Deviation steering wheel not only makes it difficult to control, but also contains many dangers. So what is the cause of the steering wheel deflection? How to adjust the steering wheel deviation like?

Some drivers shared that after a period of using the car, they felt that the car’s steering wheel was off. That is, even without impact, the steering wheel will still be slightly deflected to the left or right. That will cause the car to curve if the driver does not have to rebalance the direction of the steering wheel.

The steering wheel is deflected without impact

We also need to distinguish two nearly identical phenomena: steering wheel deflection and steering drift. In particular, the floss is driving in a straight line, even if you hold the steering wheel, the car will still deviate from one side. And steering wheel deflection is that the steering wheel will be deflected to one guide, leading the vehicle to be deflected in one direction.

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How to adjust the steering wheel of a car is skewed

First, hold the handlebars so that the wheels are vertical. Next, you need to fix the handlebars and turn off the engine. Then, use a screwdriver to open the air bag out. Note to be very careful not to unplug the airbag strap. Continue, you use the screw to screw out the air bag to remove the steering wheel. Take note of the steering wheel shaft edges carefully for easier mounting. Then, put the steering wheel back in the direction of the wheel that was originally fixed upright. If you install the wrong side, the steering wheel will deviate by at least 3 degrees or more.

Carefully remove the steering wheel airbag first

In order to ensure that the steering wheel is mounted straight with the wheel, it must be placed horizontally. In addition, some Mercedes-Benz models have the function to align the angle of the car, you just need to align the display angle to zero to install the steering wheel normally. Finally, take a test drive and feel it is okay. If not, you need to remove and re-align it as it was from the start.

Note, be careful about aligning a car’s steering wheel, because it depends on many techniques and capabilities of each person. Because this is quite a vulnerable part, if the steering angle is misaligned, the airbag will be broken. So, if the car has a wrong steering wheel and you do not have much experience in repairing, it is best to bring the car to reputable steering wheel deflection maintenance so that the technicians can advise and have a way to adjust. The most efficient car steering wheel.

Should go to service centers to align the car steering wheel

Some causes the car steering wheel is skewed

Due to an accident: When the vehicle encounters a collision, the impact force will cause the rotor to be deflected and the steering wheel will also be deflected.

The tires are not evenly balanced: If the tires are worn out of balance for a long time, the height of the two sides of the car is uneven and over time, the steering wheel is left or right. A tire does not wear often due to unequal vehicle pressure, or misalignment of the wheel. This is mostly due to poor traffic or uneven parking.

Uneven wear and tear will cause steering wheel deviation

There is a problem with the rulers: Failure of the steering wheel will result in left or right steering wheel deviation. Therefore, when this situation occurs, vehicle users need to have car maintenance facilities to be inspected and have timely solutions.

Axial deviation will cause the steering wheel to be skewed

How to handle floss

As mentioned above, flossing and steering wheel deflection are two different phenomena. However, the majority of vehicle deflections are caused by steering misalignment. Therefore, drivers should know a few ways to deal with the flossing problem:

First, determine which tires are worn and observe the direction of the vehicle is deflected. Next, you need to put the car on the lift bridge and fix it. Continue, check the wheel size and tire code to see if it is suitable or if there is any damage. Then, adjust the tire pressure and turn the two tires together and run the test.

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Observe and determine tire wear

During the run, the driver needs to feel how the flossing force has changed. In addition, drivers must comply with safety regulations. If the tire shows signs of being too worn, it is necessary to replace the tire with a new one before testing. After the test run, tighten the screw and check the whole time.

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