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What to do when Facebook asks for an ID

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Facebook may request an identity document to confirm that you are the true owner of the account you are trying to access. Generally, the user receives this type of request from the social network for two reasons: profile report and suspicion of using a false name when creating the account.

  • Blocked account

  • Types of identity documents accepted by Facebook

  • Format of documents sent to Facebook

  • What is Facebook’s response time

Blocked account

If your account has been blocked, you must contact Facebook using this form. It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to send an identity document or passport, since other documents (less sensitive when it comes to privacy) are equally valid. To learn more about how to proceed in case of account lockout, click How to unlock a Facebook account.

Types of identity documents accepted by Facebook

The identification documents accepted by the social network are birth and marriage certificate, RG, license and work, CPF, passport, official name change document, health card, life and car insurance, visa to enter certain countries, residence permit or immigration documents, immigrant registration card.

In the absence of one of the documents mentioned above, you can send two of the following documents, provided that the same name appears on the Facebook account profile: bank account statement, airline or store loyalty card, library card or student ID, diploma, retirement document, plan invoice health, light or phone.

Format of documents sent to Facebook

Identity documents must be scanned (scanned) in the format JPEG. It is important to check the resolution before sending them, to make sure the images are legible. Know that they are treated automatically using the facial detection technology and false names used by the company.

Documents will be stored and encrypted on Facebook’s servers, although you can request that images be deleted after 30 days of upload. This request must be sent to the social network through this page of the Facebook form. You must enter your password to complete the request.

What is Facebook’s response time

After fulfilling the instructions described on the form and sending the documentation, the response usually arrives within a week or two, although it may take much longer, as attested by the posts on the subject published in the CCM Brasil forums.

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