What to do to lose belly

What to do to lose belly

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To have a well-defined abdomen, you need to combine exercise and adequate nutrition.

  • Don’t do sit-ups every day

  • Abdominal frequency

  • Ideal abdomen feeding

  • Combine sit-ups with aerobic exercise

  • Necessary amount

  • Routine for abdominal exercises

Don’t do sit-ups every day

Abdominal exercises are more appropriate to define the abdomen and keep it in shape. However, it is not advisable to practice them every day. According to experts, when we strain the abdominal muscles, they can suffer small damages which are subsequently repaired with rest, thus obtaining better results. Therefore, the healthiest option would be to opt for a 24 hour rest between abdominal exercise sessions.

Abdominal frequency

The most correct thing when doing sit-ups is to always leave a rest day between each practice, that is, exercise three to four days a week. This is the correct and sufficient frequency to tone the abdomen and gradually define it.

Ideal abdomen feeding

If you want to keep your abs defined, you will have to pay attention to your diet and do aerobic activities. In fact, there is no point in continuing the abdominal exercise routine if you continue to eat excess fat, flour and sugary foods. So it is preferable and healthier to include in your daily diet greens, fruits, vegetables, cereals and lots of water.

Combine sit-ups with aerobic exercise

It is advisable do aerobic exercise daily. You can choose between running, swimming, cycling, dancing or walking for at least thirty minutes a day. Abdominal exercises allow you to tighten your muscles. But if we continue to eat fat through diet, the abdominals only hide the abdominal fat by stiffening it, and this is not the goal to be achieved. For remove fat, you need to do some aerobic exercise, as they are the best to guarantee calorie burning.

Necessary amount

The number of sit-ups depends on each organism and routine. It will also depend on whether you are used to exercising or not. If you have just started exercising, you should measure your energy and get used to your body, so that about 30 reps can be good. This number can increase with the days up to 50, then to 100 or even 300 sit-ups.

Routine for abdominal exercises

These exercises can be divided into four repetitions of 25 sit-ups and four repetitions of 25 sit-ups to define the sit-ups oblique rights, plus four repetitions of 25 to work the left obliques.

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