Mỹ-Phương Tây nói gì về bài phát biểu của Tổng thống Putin

What the US-West said about President Putin’s speech

Victory Day celebrations in Russia have been spectacular and safe as the country has grown to be a leader in the worldwide registration of COVID-19 vaccines, as well as keeping the situation going. present.

My-Phuong Tay said about the speech of General Putin
Victory parade in Russia.

This is a major Russian holiday because millions of Soviet Red Army soldiers died in the war against the dictatorship of the Nazis. But now, the Russians say, there are conspiracies that want to revise history, accusing Russia and the Nazis of equal roles in letting the world war happen.

In articles dealing with holidays in Russia, the Western press also pays special attention to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comments on his intentions to rewrite World War history.

The Hill of America wrote, in his speech Putin talked about the reviving ideology of the Nazis. But the American newspaper said that the head of Russia did not give specific examples to confirm his words.

My-Phuong Tay said about the speech of General Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech to celebrate Victory Day.

According to British newspaper The Sun, parades are also held in different Russian cities. This ritual is dedicated to the past and the “long military might of the Kremlin”.

The Sun said President Putin’s speech was amid unprecedented tensions with the post-Cold War West. Putin told the veterans that they had achieved a victory of “historical importance in crushing Nazism”.

At the same time, according to a British magazine, this year in the context of high tension in relations with the West, on the 76th anniversary of Victory Day, the UK had no representation even at the ambassador level. this event.

In fact, years ago, the Kremlin often invited foreign leaders to parade, but this year Moscow will ignore this tradition.

My-Phuong Tay said about the speech of General Putin
Russia did not invite foreign representatives to this year’s Victory Day.

Also commenting on the speech of the Russian President, the British Daily Mail wrote, Putin condemned the return of “fear of Russia syndrome”.

As French magazine Le Point wrote, the celebration of Victory Day amid growing tensions over relations between Russia and the West, President Putin has sworn that Russia will firmly defend its interests. .

Le Point said the Russian leader drew attention when condemning the return of “speeches of racism, national primacy, anti-Semitism and fear of Russia”.

My-Phuong Tay said about the speech of General Putin
Russia will defend the immortal history of the second world war.

In his speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized:

“Congratulations on Victory Day. A holiday has been and will be the most precious and sacred day for not only Russia and the whole world.”

For veterans, our gratitude to you is limitless. You defended your country, your children and Russia …

We will always remember that May 9, 1941, was the most difficult and saddest time for the Soviet Union before the Nazis.

The Soviets won the decisive battles in Moscow and stalingrad. In that historical time, in any region, any country, all had the same homeland, everyone fought to the last bullet, the last breath. On the battlefield the soldiers fought with courage.

Today, we would like to bow before the spirits of fathers, mothers, grandparents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and veterans who have left forever.

Soviet soldiers fought with courage. They are not fighting for themselves but for their relatives, their homeland and their homeland. Our mission is to continue, protect and develop the country. Glory belongs to the generation that defeated the Nazis.

Congratulations on Winning the Great Patriotic War! “.

Huy Vu


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