What the Biden administration says about Chinese sanctions

What the Biden administration says about Chinese sanctions

President Joe Biden’s administration first mentioned China and the latest sanctions Beijing has targeted former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and nearly 30 White House officials.

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Emily Horne – Spokesperson for the US National Security Council.

Accordingly, the representative of the White House National Security Council has criticized China’s sanctions against former government officials as ineffective and inadequate.

US National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne said the Biden administration had called on the two Democrats and Republicans to join forces to condemn Chinese sanctions against Trump administration official. She said President Joe Biden expected the leaders of the two parties to work together so that the US could win the competition with China.

Previously, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hoa Xuan Oanh on January 21 announced sanctions from China against US officials under President Donald Trump.

“China’s decision to impose sanctions on relevant American employees is a response to the wrongdoings of those who seriously violate sovereignty, security and interests,” she said. China’s development for matters related to China, absolutely justified and necessary. “

“Over the years, the Trump administration, especially former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has spread too many mines to be removed, burned too many bridges to be rebuilt, destroyed too many roads that need repair” – Ms. Hoa said.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman expressed that the country hopes that “the new US administration will treat China and Sino-US relations in an objective and reasonable manner, stemming from the happiness of the people. people of the two countries, going in the same direction with China, promote Sino-US relations back to a healthy and stable development trajectory ”.

Ms. Hoa Xuan Oanh also repeatedly called for cooperation and mutual understanding. “President Biden also mentioned in his inaugural address that Americans have a lot to heal, a lot to restore. This is exactly what Sino-US relations need,” she said.

The latest sanctions against Trump’s officials have been described as “gifts” that China wants to give to the new administration in America. This is especially noticeable, rather than highlighting political party divisions in Washington, Beijing as if it were making a mockery of the “democratic values” that Americans were displaying after the Capitol Hill riots. January 6 as well as the extraordinary inauguration of Mr. Biden.

Sanctions were announced by the Chinese side on the same day as the inauguration of new President Joe Biden.

However, the Biden administration with the message of “healing America” ​​may not be easy to get caught up in a plot to further divide within the United States, which has suffered many pain from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hours after the inauguration, Mr. Biden’s administration quickly criticized China’s move, calling Beijing’s decision “ineffective and skeptical”.



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