What support does Amazon provide for Vietnamese businesses?

Contrary to the initial information that Amazon will enter the e-commerce market in Vietnam, Gijae Seong, a representative of Amazon, said that Amazon is currently building a team of employees in Southeast Asia to support export business on the Amazon platform.

Gijae Seong, Amazon’s Global Sales Manager in Singapore, said the online retailer is building a team to develop operations in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. This will help retail organizations and individuals in Vietnam to reach global customers.

Cross-border e-commerce sales are forecast to grow rapidly at a rate of 20-30% in the coming years. With that trend, Amazon is also investing in helping sellers reach more global buyers most effectively.


Today, businesses can sit in Vietnam and sell goods through the US or Europe market without having a warehouse or office in that market. In addition to Amazon selling directly to buyers in markets around the world, Amazon also allows salespeople to enter Amazon’s retail marketplace. This is Amazon’s global sales network.

Amazon is present in 13 countries around the world, of which the latest 2 are Brazil and Australia. However, its customers come from 180 countries and Amazon sellers are also present in 172 countries, including Vietnam.

Gijae Seong

Mr. Gijae Seong, Global Sales Manager at Amazon in Singapore. Photo: Nguyen Long.

In fact, an Amazon representative will provide sales information on Amazon, how to do business through Amazon’s Order Completion Service (FBA) for Vietnamese businesses. Merchants who want to sell through Amazon will be provided with documentation and training on how to build sales programs to the world through Amazon’s e-commerce portal. Amazon’s first training course will be held next April.

Accordingly, Vietnamese manufacturers only need to focus on production, looking for customers, and for storage or shipping, Amazon will take care.


“Businesses and individuals will only need to sit in Vietnam to sell goods in the US market or other markets around the world without having to rent offices and use warehouses in that market” – Mr. Gijae Seong said.

Ms. Dang Thuy Ha, director of consumer behavior research, representative of Nielsen in the North commented: “When a big company like Amazon enters Vietnam, it is clear that our market is very macro. attractive and potential. When Amazon enters Vietnam, it will contribute to locally change suppliers, or business strategy. Because when they enter Vietnam, they will definitely impact on the retail market in general, requiring domestic businesses to make much more effort to ensure their businesses reach the international level. This is a good signal, the driving force for the development of e-commerce as well as the service provision in Vietnam “.

Nguyen Long
* Source: Business Forum


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