What strategy does Biden pursue in dealing with China?

What strategy does Biden pursue in dealing with China?

Senior US and Chinese officials are meeting in Alaska as the Joe Biden administration moves into a more competitive position with Beijing.

President Joe Biden is embarking on a drastic change in policy towards China, striving to rally allies to deal with Beijing’s foreign policy around the world, ensuring China doesn’t. Gain long-term advantages in key technologies.

The New York Times pointed out that at first it seemed that Mr. Biden mainly followed the path of his predecessor Donald Trump that the two biggest powers in the world are dangerously turning to confront, different from. the Barack Obama years. But the emerging new strategy actually denies directly the prevailing view for the past quarter-century that economic interdependence can be used to defuse fundamental conflicts over issues such as China’s military building and territorial ambitions.

US President Joe Biden enters the Oval Office at the White House in Washington on March 9, 2021. Photo: New York Times

That strategy focuses on a stronger competition with Beijing in key technologies with long-term economic and military might, after concluding that Mr Trump’s policy cannot make China change.

The results lead to a “focusing less on China and trying to run faster on your own” approach, through government investment in research and technologies such as semiconductors and nuclear intelligence. creating and energizing.

When meeting with his Chinese counterparts in Anchorage, Alaska, on March 18 and 19, US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will test the new approach. This dialogue was inherently delayed until Washington reached the principles of a common strategy with its allies – especially Japan, South Korea, India and Australia.

However, this is also the first demonstration of China’s determination to the new US administration, and an opportunity for its diplomats to speak up about Washington’s “evil” interference in matters. the issue of Beijing, as a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on March 17. The same day, the United States imposed sanctions against 24 Chinese officials on charges of undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy.

When he was vice president, Mr. Biden and President Xi Jinping met both in China and the US, openly admitting confrontation was inevitable. At that time, the assessment of intelligence within the US government was that Mr. Xi would act cautiously, focusing on domestic economic development and avoiding a direct confrontation with the US.

Now, however, the aides who manage President Biden’s new approach have concluded the previous assessment was wrong. The new approach – combining commitments to cooperate in areas of common interest such as climate change while competing more directly with China in technology and military – is becoming increasingly apparent. Its contents were reflected in a February phone call between the two leaders of the US and China, according to aides.

Today, there seems to be a broad consensus that US-China relations are not only falling to one of the lowest points in years, but are also in danger of plunging even worse.

Henry Kissinger, who paved the way for the US opening to China almost 50 years ago, warned shortly after Biden was elected that Washington and Beijing were increasingly moving to confront each other. “The danger is that some crises will come, which will go beyond rhetoric and turn into real military conflict,” said Kissinger at a Bloomberg conference last November.

Last month, Graham Allison, a Harvard political scientist, and Fred Hu, a prominent investor, argued that from now on there would be no choice but to treat a China as it is. .

They argued: “Prevent military crisis, fight climate change, control future pandemics, prevent nuclear proliferation, fight terrorism, manage financial crisis … all of them. could not, without accepting the fact that China still governs the country as it is now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Overview of the US – China Dialogue

Thanh Hao

The US warns China is threatening the global order

The US warns China is threatening the global order

The first direct high-level conversation between US diplomats and security officials with China took place in Anchorage, Alaska.

Will America be 'solid' with China at the first Biden-era dialogue?

Will America be ‘solid’ with China at the first Biden-era dialogue?

The US representatives are expected to take a tough stance towards China during the high-level bilateral conference in Alaska this week and do not expect too high a result, according to some officials in Washington.


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