What should I do if gasoline is contaminated with water?

What should I do if gasoline is contaminated with water?

If accidentally gasoline or oil in a car is contaminated with water, what should be handled?

During the rainy season, cities often experience floods that negatively affect traffic and traffic. The phenomenon of petrol and oil contaminated with water is one of the most vulnerable and dangerous problems in the rainy season.

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How to treat water contaminated gasoline

The cause of the phenomenon of water contaminated gasoline is due to water being mixed into the gas tank. When the streets are heavily flooded, it is difficult to avoid the water in the gas tanks of the gas station, leading to water contamination of gasoline. This water-contaminated gasoline is still being pumped into the fuel tank of vehicles coming to buy gasoline. Therefore, it is difficult for vehicle owners to avoid buying contaminated gasoline.

Flooded gas stations are the main cause of water contamination

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Vehicles using gasoline contaminated with water will be affected a lot. It will be difficult for a car to start or start the engine, even if a car is in motion, it will vibrate and stop the engine suddenly. Lighter, the car may lose breath when accelerating the engine, the speed of acceleration is less. Whatever the result, water-stained gasoline also causes many inconveniences for users.

If you leave gasoline in the gas tank for too long, the consequences are not as simple as mentioned above. The fuel pump assembly can be damaged, especially the water in the gasoline can cause the fuel tank to leak or even the gas pipeline can become damaged. This damage will cost the owner to repair and replace spare parts.

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Contaminated gasoline can have many serious consequences

How to deal with a car encountering water is quite complicated. After filling in the gas tank, if the owner finds that the vehicle is more difficult to start, the engine accelerates less than usual, water can be determined. At this time, the owner of the car must proceed to lower the fuel tank, then rinse the tank thoroughly so that the fuel contaminated with water can drain out. Continue to clean the parts of the petrol pump system such as the fuel pump assembly, the fuel injection nozzle, and the gasoline filter should be replaced.

After completing the above steps, the owner can refuel and control the car as usual.However, if the steps above are too complicated and difficult to do, the owner should bring the car to a maintenance center in time. repairing and thoroughly checking the whole fuel pump system. Professional craftsmen will make sure to bring the best service.

Vehicle owners should bring their car to a repair center when it is found contaminated with water

How to treat engine oil contaminated with water

Leakage of the cam cover gasket when washing the car is one of the main causes of water contamination of the engine oil. When car wash is sprayed into the engine compartment, it will penetrate the car engine through the opening of the cam cover. In addition, when the vehicle moves through a flooded area with a high degree of flooding, water can flow into the engine through the exhaust pipe, causing oil to get wet.

The lubricating effect of the oil will be neutralized if it is exposed to water. When the oil is no longer in use, the engine will be in danger of being damaged or blocked. If you go through a road flooded with too much water, the water flooding inside the engine can cause the car to be badly damaged, not only will the owner spend repairing costs but also take time and effort.

How to treat water-contaminated viscosity is as follows:

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In the case of oil contaminated with water due to the opening of the cam cover, the owner needs to quickly replace the old one and pay attention to tighten the cam cover to avoid any more leaks. After installing the new cam cover, the owner of the car replaced all old oil contaminated with water and replaced with a new oil. Oil contaminated with water will turn to coffee milk color, this is also a fairly accurate way to identify.

After going through deep water, the vehicle may be contaminated with water

If the engine is contaminated with water because the car is passing through a deep flood area, there must be another way. The owner should try turning the engine by hand and if the engine continues to operate after turning the engine, it is not damaged. The owner only needs to change oil and filter the new oil. Start the car to push out the water inside the car, don’t forget to blow dry the engine inside.

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If too much water is spilled into the engine, causing engine failure, it is necessary to open the engine for inspection and repair. The owner of the car should quickly bring the car to the maintenance center to remedy the situation. However, the repair cost will be very high and costly.

Do not drain water directly into the engine compartment

Take precaution against water contamination of gasoline and oil before it happens by: Choose to refuel at a reliable gas station; should find a gas station in a dry location, not flooded to refuel; Do not spray water into the engine compartment when washing the car, do not move into deep submerged areas.

Linh Trung

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