What should be noted when changing glass cleaner for car?

What should be noted when changing glass cleaner for car?

Glass cleaner plays an important role in protecting and cleaning the surface of the driving glass. Therefore, when changing the glass cleaner, the car owner needs to pay special attention to the following.

Through the process of traveling on the road, the car diameter is one of the places with the most dust. The car glass cleaning needs to be done regularly, both to ensure good visibility for the operator and to make the car cleaner. Prices for car glass cleaner are low and can easily be found at grocery dealers or car maintenance facilities. Specialized types for cars are usually packed into 500ml bags or 1 liter bottle and the price ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 VND depending on type.

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When to add and change glass cleaner?

Just like a car’s fuel, the glass cleaner must be guaranteed enough to be used when needed.

Instructions to add car glass cleaner

To add car glass cleaner, you need to find a glass cleaner tank location. Each car has a place to store the glass cleaner. Usually they are located under the engine compartment and are denoted by a rain wiper above the lid.

Glass washing water tank

Once you have found the location, you proceed to open the bottle and provide enough water to fill it. Glass cleaner can be used with filtered water or dedicated water. Experts recommend using a glass cleaner specifically for cars to achieve good results for each use.

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Adequate glass washings should be provided

Guide to change car glass cleaner

Glass cleaner used after a while also needs to be replaced. To change the glass cleaner, there are a few simple things you can do. First, you use a mini vacuum cleaner and plug the rubber tube inserted into the glass washing water tank. Then proceed to suck all the water out. Next, you pour new water in and suck it out again. This is done a few times like “rinsing the jar” clean. When you feel the bottle is clean, fill the jar with glass cleaner and cover it again.

One suggestion for those who cannot afford to use a mini vacuum cleaner is that you can use a big cylinder instead. The same operation is done with the mini vacuum cleaner mentioned above. To be sure, you can press the glass cleaner on the car to make sure the adding and changing of the glass cleaner has been completed effectively.

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Which car glass cleaner should I use?

The question is to choose a good car glass cleaner? To ensure the quality as well as durability of the car glass, you should choose reputable glass cleaner brands, with clear origin and suitable for the car. Avoid using cheap low-quality goods that make the efficiency not high and also harm the car.

Choose a glass cleaner that is reputable and has a clear origin

Glass cleaner usually has two basic types: water-adding type and direct-use type. Note that if the car glass cleaner is self-mixed, the solutions need to be homogeneous to avoid creating chaos and changing the efficiency of the glass cleaner.

Is improper glass cleaner harmful?

Another note for the use of glass cleaner is that some people use special car glass cleaner but still cause clogging of the spray eyes. The reason for this is that it is misused because not all glass cleaner is suitable for all vehicles. In addition, the cause can also stem from the poor water quality or dirt in the injector, glass washing water pipe. To overcome this, in addition to regular cleaning and changing glass washers, you should also clean the glass washing water systems so that they can work flexibly and work smoothly with each other.

Regularly clean the lever and injector


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Some other note

When you press the button to turn on the glass washing mode, some people detect the phenomenon of the lever rotating before the glass cleaner is sprayed. At that time, you need to check the water pump system because it is likely that the piping has leaked or malfunctioned somewhere, leading to the loss of water pressure that makes the water unable to push on the injector and out. If this phenomenon occurs for a long time, the brush is not soaked in water, it will cause them to wear quickly and easily cause scratches on the glass because of the dust attached to it.

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Some other damage that you should also pay attention to with the glass washing system such as a burnt water pump, an electric switch and a damaged motor connecting the vehicle control system to the engine … . To avoid improperly changing glass washers, you should learn carefully from water quality to technical factors as well as to ensure proper water change.

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