What kind of car sunshades are good?  Synthesize all car curtains, sunshades

What kind of car sunshades are good? Synthesize all car curtains, sunshades

There are many types of sunshades, car curtains such as vacuum suction, magnet suction, curtain pull, self-rolling … So what kind of sunshades, car curtains?

The heat is always an “obsession” not only for motorcyclists but also for those who ride a car. Even when the windows of the car are glued with insulation film, the sun can still shine through, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation for people sitting inside.

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The harmful effects of hot weather, surely everyone knows. Sitting in the sun a lot, the body is susceptible to heatstroke, headache, fatigue … Especially, the sun also carries radiation that is very harmful to the stomach, darkens the skin, accelerates the aging process of the skin.

The sun can still shine through the car’s glass, causing an uncomfortable burning sensation

Not only that, the heat also adversely affects the car’s interior. Inside the car there are many details made of plastic and leather such as leather seats, taplo, door tappi … These details are very sensitive to the hot sun. If often caught in the sun it will quickly degrade. The plastic is fading, brittle … The skin is chapped, peeling …

In the past, to limit sunlight through car windows, people often used sunshades, car sunshades, car rear windows … This is considered an effective way to protect against car sun. , comfortable.

There are many types of sunscreens, door sunshades and car rear windows available. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Car sunshade stickers vacuum

Vacuum-sticking car sunshades are a very familiar type of car sunshade, which has been around for a long time and is commonly used until today. Most of us have used this kind of car sunscreen.

Vacuum sunscreens are made from a variety of materials such as fabric, mesh plastic, reflective silver-plated foam … Usually have square shapes, rounded corners, and are manufactured to general dimensions. can fit in most car windows.

There are vacuum buttons on the sun visor for fixing on the glass. When using, just press on the glass and press firmly on the suction buttons to be able to stick the sunscreen onto the glass.

However, because it’s manufactured to general dimensions, car sunscreens don’t completely cover car windows. If you want to cover it, you must use many overlapping shields, which is quite inconvenient.

On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner has a poor service life. Only after a short time the suction pad will lose its grip gradually. Even if you press hard, it will drop for a while.

The vacuum seal sunshade has drawbacks that can easily fall

General advantages:

  • Popular display, diverse types, brands, colors, materials …
  • Quick assembly, quick removal, highly flexible use

General disadvantages:

  • The vacuum cleaner is easy to fall
  • Producing general size, not covered car glass

Price of car sunshades with vacuum stickers: 100,000 – 300,000 VND / set, depending on the set of 4 – 5 – 6 pieces.

Car magnet sunshades

Magnet car curtains or sunscreens are considered an improvement from a vacuum sunscreen that overcomes the disadvantages of this type of sunscreen.

Automotive magnet sunshades are made of a mesh, made of plastic or fabric, and a frame with a built-in magnet. Instead of being fixed with vacuum buttons, magnet sunshades have a magnet core frame that helps to secure more securely to the window frame. Therefore, this magnetic sunshade is not as easily dropped as a vacuum type. On the other hand, because it is sucked into the door frame instead of the glass part, when lowering the glass, it can still be used, not removed.

Especially, nowadays, the line of curtains or sunshades for magnetic car doors have many designs according to the size and style of each model’s glass door frame. For example, the magnet sunshades of Innova, Mazda 3, Honda City, Toyota Vios … With these individual designs, the magnet sunshades cover almost all of the glass. Do not allow sunlight to pass through gaps like general size production sunshades.

Magnetic sunshades are hard to fall, with many designs for the car

General advantages:

  • Fixed by magnets quite firmly, no need to remove when lowering the glass
  • There are individual designs for each model, snugly, shielding all glass
  • Quick assembly, quick removal
  • The aesthetics are quite high

General disadvantages:

  • Slightly higher prices

Price of curtains – car magnet sunshades: 250,000 – 400,000 VND / set of 4 doors or with extra glass.

Car sunshade curtains

Unlike the two types of sunshades above, the sunshade curtains as the name implies have a fixed design above the door frame or both above and below. When using, users just need to drag horizontally. Car sunshades also have many designs for each car, so they can cover more than 95% of the windows.

Car sunscreens have good sun protection because they are more sealed than plastic mesh or fabric mesh. The thick fabric is both good against heat from the outside and feels cool on the inside.

Especially, the car sunshade curtain is fixed on the door frame, so when lowering the glass, you do not need to remove it, still can be used. Some kinds of car window curtains are fixed above and below, not afraid of the wind, very convenient.

General advantages:

  • Sun protection, heat protection is the best
  • Securely fixed to the car door frame
  • There are individual designs for each model, very snugly, shielding all glass
  • Can be used when lowering the glasses

General disadvantages:

  • Fixed installation

Price of curtains for car window sunshades: 300,000 – 600,000 VND / set of 4 doors or with extra glass.

Car sunshade roll curtains

Car sunshade curtains also have many names such as curtains, self-roll curtains … This type of design is similar to fabric curtains but is fixed above or below. Fixed bars are usually glued to glass or have latches fitted to the door frame. When using scissors, when not in use just open the latch, the curtain will automatically roll in.

Car door sunshade curtains are made of a plastic mesh-like material. In addition to the general size designs, there are also individual designs for each vehicle, but quite rare.

Car sunshade roll curtains have a simple and luxurious design

The structure of auto sunshade curtains is quite simple. When not in use, it is more compact than the curtain. Due to the mesh design, this car sunshade feels quite airy, not as tight as fabric curtains. The occupants in the car can observe the outside scene, which can be used in the front seat glass door.

The design of car sunshade roll curtains is highly appreciated in terms of aesthetics, with many luxurious and high-end features. This is also the reason why many luxury and luxury cars are often equipped with this type of curtain.

General advantages:

  • Fixed for sure
  • There are individual designs for each model, very snugly, shielding all glass
  • Luxurious design, high aesthetics
  • Can observe outside, feeling airy

General disadvantages:

  • Slightly higher prices

Price of car sunshade curtains: 250,000 – 600,000 VND / set of 4 doors or with extra glass.

Curtain pull sunscreen car side glass

Design similar to car sunshade curtains, but the car sunshade curtains are made of plastic, fabric or plastic coated with reflective silver. The closed plastic part of the curtain is arranged like a paper fan, which can be opened and folded.

The advantages and disadvantages of this type of car glass cover are similar to fabric curtains. However, the silver-coated curtain line is more resistant to heat than the fabric if it is made of reflective silver-coated plastic.

The car’s side glass sunshades are arranged like a paper fan

General advantages:

  • Fixed quite firmly
  • Sun protection is the best because it covers, is made of heat-resistant material
  • Some types can be flexibly disassembled

General disadvantages:

  • The aesthetic is not high
  • Do not use for front seats because it is out of sight of the driver
  • Can’t observe the next scene, feeling quite mysterious
  • Expensive

Price of curtain pulls to block the car’s side glass: 500,000 – 800,000 VND / set of 4 doors or with extra glass.

Each type of sunshade, car door sunshade, and car side glass has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the right type.

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