What is Trade Marketing and the essential qualities of a Trade Marketing person?

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You have heard a lot about Trade Marketing but have really understood what is Trade Marketing? Trade Marketing is an extremely important industry and if you have a career-oriented career in this field, the following article will be for you.

What is Trade Marketing?

Trade Marketing is one of the oldest marketing methods used by both small and large businesses to market their products. Unlike the usual marketing strategy aimed at target customers, the focus of Trade Marketing is on retailers, distributors or agents.

Put simply, Trade Marketing is the implementation of activities so that retailers or distributors are eager to import your products and customers will easily find your products every time you shop.

What is the difference between Marketing and Trade Marketing?

Marketing involves understanding the behavior of end-consumers, what their needs are, how the product can meet that need, how to position the product in terms of price, and image to create competition with competitors and attract customers’ attention.

Trade Marketing is a way to motivate retailers to buy your product and allow you to display marketing materials and display shelves at their stores. This also includes building attractive commercial terms for retailers to see you as their partners.

Why is Trade Marketing important?

Trade marketing is just as important as traditional marketing for many reasons. The first thing is pretty clear: If your product isn’t put in retail locations, it certainly won’t reach consumers. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a positive, long-term relationship with agents and retailers.

Another reason why Trade Marketing is so important is because sometimes, it is the best option for your brand to be known when competitors are actively carrying out advertising campaigns, especially businesses. Your category is FMCG. With so many different brands selling similar products, you have to rely on Trade Marketing to get your products to appear the most in shelves, in the most prominent prominent position and recommended by the retailer. with the most consumers.

What is the main function of Trade Marketing?

· Promote products at retail locations

· Recognize trends and needs of consumers

· Optimize every part of the buying process

· Increase consumer awareness of the product

What are the responsibilities of a Trade marketing person?

· Develop strategies to attract the attention of retailers and distributors to customers

· Support retailers, distributors about brand awareness, products through marketing materials.

· Ideas for displaying products at point of sale to maximize marketing effectiveness

· Support sales staff organizing events in the areas in charge

· Advice on the appropriate forms of advertising and promotions from analyzing customer data and current trends

· Analyze results of retail channels, in-depth analysis of competition and distribution models

· Develop new product development strategies based on feasibility and rational analysis

· Control the annual Trade Marketing budget

· Design and implement long-term and short-term incentive programs for agents, retailers and distributors from time to time to increase sales efficiency

· Plan and organize Customer Conference programs

What are the essential skills for a Trade Marketing person?

Analytical skills. Trade Marketing people need to have good analytical ability to understand the habits, desires of customers and industry trends in order to identify the most effective marketing strategies for their businesses.

Communication skills. This skill is valuable because it helps Trade Marketing people communicate effectively with colleagues, retailers or distributors to persuade them to accept the product.

Creation. Understanding what Trade Marketing is, surely you understand why creativity is important? Creativity is one of the most essential skills for Trade Marketing people because they are responsible for planning and implementing the marketing strategy of the business. Thanks to their creativity, they are able to think of new and unique ideas, creating a deep impression on the product to consumers.

Decision-making skills. Trade marketers, especially managers, often have to choose between different marketing and advertising strategies. Therefore, they need strong decision-making skills to make the right choice to bring the highest efficiency.

Project management skills. Trade Marketing personnel should be able to manage the project to effectively monitor the company’s marketing strategies, including marketing materials and events.

Organizational skills. Due to effective time and budget management, organizing skills are indispensable for Trade Marketing people.

What are the interview questions for Trade Marketing positions?

What are your experiences in Trade Marketing?

If you are asked this question from an employer, you should explain your experience in detail. Tell them about the responsibilities you have done and the programs and events you have organized. Don’t forget to mention achievements when doing those activities.

What have you done to improve your Trade Marketing knowledge and skills over the past year?

Employers are always looking for candidates with a goal. Therefore, you need to always show your desire to continue learning by listing positive improvement activities such as taking courses, being an active member of the Online Trade Marketing team … If not, you can list List some relevant interests and activities, the goal is to demonstrate independence, manage time well and stay motivated.

What do you know about our company?

This is why you need to learn about the business before the interview. Try to find out about the achievements they have achieved and what they are aiming for, what their current issues are and who their main competitors are.

Tell me about a marketing campaign that’s not going as you expected

It is important to answer this question to identify why your plan is failing and what lesson you have learned. Marketing campaigns often fail due to inadequate understanding, poor planning, inadequate monitoring or ineffective communication. Be open about why the campaign failed, take responsibility and focus on what you have learned.

Talk about a marketing project that you have implemented on time and saved money

For a compelling answer, focus on your organizational planning and organizational skills to save your marketing budget. Talk about how you control to limit spending and adjust your plans as needed, and discuss your ability to respond quickly and accurately to handle unexpected situations.

What is a brand that you think has done well in Trade Marketing and why?

Identify one of your favorite brands and specify who they try to reach and the message they want to convey. More specifically, give an example of how that brand uses factors such as product, price, location and advertising to implement a successful campaign.

Above, you have to understand what Trade Marketing is as well as the necessary skills of people doing Trade Marketing. Hopefully with these shares you will have more information for your career orientation in the future.

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