What is the story of the original sin in Diablo? (two)

Today we continue to talk about the original sin war in Diablo.

Last time, many friends said that they could n’t understand, and too many stalks affected the experience, so this time, the style will be serious, and it will be changed back to the third person.

I first recalled that Udyssian was persecuted by the Triadism, and a group was forced to leave Sairam and go to Cage.

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On the way, Udi Xi’an was deceived and betrayed by Lilia (Lilith), and was captured by the Archbishop of the Three Gods, Lu Xi’an. The so-called tritheism is just a sect used by demons to deceive and control humanity.

I watched Achillios being killed by demons, and the Nefitian power within Udyssian awakened, killing Mephisto’s son Lucian, and vowing revenge for those who died in the hands of the demons.

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01 Birth of Adilon

After Achillios took the lunch, a group of Udissian came to a nearby town: Toraga.

迪 Udissian displayed “miracles” to the Toraga people to inspire people’s potential; at the same time, he resisted and counterattacked the Three Gods and burned their temples.

During the fight, a girl with long hair in sandals appeared in the crowd. She was holding a spear, and she was charming and charming. A closer look turned out to be Celencia. She has grown a lot since Achillios went offline.

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I came across a storm. She was like a legendary Valkyrie, waving a spear in the storm, as if to subject the other party to her feet. Then the sky really cleared up.

In Toraga City, Udyssian meets a half-human half-pig demon-Gullag. This loyal servant of the “King of Destruction” is Barr’s agent in the sanctuary. It can be integrated with walls and stones.

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Ugulag ambush Udissian in the temple, trying to control the wall to crush him. If it is ordinary people, it may have become a sandwich biscuit, but this is the mature body’s Nefitian.

U Di Xi’an performed a “Broken Chest” for it. Gullag looked stupid,It has never seen a human possess such an extraordinary power, this power even surpasses Lucian.After a moment of hesitation, Gullag took the lunch.

Over time, more and more people have joined the team of Udissian, and some of them can already manipulate certain forces. For example, taking things out of the air, summoning the light ball, making friends out of nothing, not taking a bath for half a month …

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