What is the relationship between the mobile game behind the maze-passing advertisement and the “Zhazhhui”?

“A dog at the start, ninety-nine hits.”
“Send XXX at the beginning, XXX for killing monsters”
“I am Zha Zhahui, if you are a brother, come and chop me together.”

When talking about game advertisements, I believe that the first thing that comes to mind in many people’s minds are those speechless page game slogans.

Some netizens commented that if you see similar legendary page game ads on the Internet, they will be directly blocked. Those vulgar, funny, and low-intellect slogans are just for friends to talk after dinner. Now no one will click to register or even krypton money. The game is over.

Indeed, in the past six months, these ridiculous page game advertisements seem to be much less, but as soon as the mobile phone is turned on, it is replaced by a large number of puzzle-solving and puzzle animated video advertisements.

These animated advertisements similar to maze exploration have attracted some players who like puzzle solving and puzzle games to click and download mobile games. However, when players install the game, they will almost find that the theme and content of the mobile game have nothing to do with puzzle solving, and the screens are also The content in the promotion animation is very different.

Many players complained, and the mobile game content they downloaded was even full of the same routines as the web game, and they continued to encourage players to krypton gold, recharge, and purchase in-game breakthrough equipment.

The so-called puzzle advertisement is just a gimmick for the promotion of Krypton game. Will such a game really have a lot of money for players? Is the operating team behind the game inextricably linked to the previous page games?

“Mollusoid” mobile game promotion

“Now there are fewer and fewer players willing to play gold in the web game.”

Zhang Haitao, who has been engaged in game promotion for five years, recently resigned from a game company in Shanghai. He told understand notes that because the number of users of the legendary web game is not small, and they are willing to pay in the game, the team that made the web game in the past few years basically made a lot of money.

However, in the past year, with a large number of media exposures, many players have learned about the game Krypton Gold’s routines. In addition, the page game advertisements and game content are no longer fresh, and it is difficult to attract new players to register with the “general popularity” of the scumbags. , At the same time, there are very few “boring” users who buy equipment in the game.

“What’s terrible is that many teams started to develop legendary page games when they saw web games making money in the past two years.” Zhang Haitao said that a large number of game teams that develop legendary page games are increasing the promotion of games, resulting in high promotion costs.

Two years ago, the CPA (cost per action) for general web game promotion was about 40 yuan. However, this year, the CPA for web game promotion has approached one hundred yuan, and the promotion cost has doubled. Anyone who promotes millions of yuan will not be able to see splashes. Coupled with the reduction of krypton gold users, some web game teams can no longer afford the cost of promotion.

“The profit margins of web games have decreased, and some web game teams have begun to develop mobile games.” Zhang Haitao told understand notes. After all, no one can spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on promotion like a certain month legend or a certain Qiba industry. advertising. Compared with the high cost of web games, the current mobile game promotion CPA is generally only 20 to 30 yuan, and the marketing cost is significantly lower.

Of course, the tactics used to promote these mobile games are as “boring” as the legendary page games in the past. The promotion content is not “Slag Zhahui” and “Gu Tianle” inviting players to “cut the brothers together”. Instead, they are mazes through levels and puzzle solving animations.

In these animations, there is either a “warrior” running through the maze, and pulling a certain mechanism will cause the protagonist to successfully pass or fail the challenge; or it is a court lady or a petty official who challenges various puzzles to improve his palace fight (officialdom) Level. Such advertisements often appear in some application clients or in the promotion of Moments.

But no matter who clicks to download, the last mobile game themes seen are basically legendary, fairy and adventure, chess and card mobile games.

“Although there are elements of deception, as long as the player downloads it, the promotion is considered successful.” When asked whether there is any special connotation to promote the animation to lock the puzzle-solving theme, Zhang Haitao said that the topic of puzzle-solving has been popular recently. , What content is pushed for the promotion of hot mobile games.

Compared with “calling, screaming and killing”, legendary players who are only for venting in the game and seeking refreshment, puzzle-solving animated advertisements can attract more white-collar players who like to study and challenge, thereby gaining incremental users.

Sometimes several mobile games of different types and contents vary greatly, and they all use the same puzzle-solving advertisement animation in their promotion. This kind of mobile game promotion method can be said to be completely “the wrong version”, then after the fool, will the players still get money in the game?

Induction of krypton gold step by step

Just click on a puzzle-solving animation advertisement, understand the notes and see the link of the mobile game download page are full of bad reviews. Some of the players left a message. After recharging dozens or even hundreds of yuan into the game, they found that the game was stuck and crashed and couldn’t be played at all.

“It’s normal. Sometimes such games will be put on the shelves without a test process. It’s strange if they don’t flash back.” Zhang Haitao revealed that although these mobile games are shoddy, their content, logic, and level settings are quite particular. Therefore, even though users are tempted by promotional content to download mobile games and find that the content is “wrong version”, some people still inevitably play with it curiously. Whether it’s a legend, adventure or chess and card mobile game, players will have fun and enjoy themselves at the beginning.

“When the player’s hormones soar and are completely immersed in the pleasure of passing through the level, the difficulty will increase, and the charging items will begin to appear.” He emphasized that the game equipment that appeared at the beginning was not expensive, and most players could hardly refuse. However, as players spend more time and energy in the game, the price of equipment gradually rises.

“In some games, players even need to spend money to buy out part of the level to continue to complete the level. Either buy out the game and spend one hundred yuan to continue to enjoy the game, or they will lose all previous efforts.” Zhang Haitao said.

At this time, the cost of the “buyout” level is not too high, and players standing at the intersection of choice will often choose to pay to continue. But as long as you continue to play, you will find that there are still many projects that need to be “buy out”, and it is not impossible to accidentally “krypton gold” for thousands of dollars.

Some mobile games that are not offline will also “encourage” players to activate automatic payment on the grounds of upgrading, and unknowingly deduct the money from the player’s associated bank card. Zhang Haitao told Understanding Notes that he had seen players who were automatically deducted thousands of fees by mobile games, and finally had nowhere to complain.

“There are also players who actively recharged the game and bought tens of thousands of yuan of equipment in order to clear the game. There are too many routines.” Although there will be players who feel that they will stop after being “fooled”, but the game developers’ routines stimulate hormones Under the effect, the users of “courageous” Krypton Gold are still everywhere.

For those “successors” who only want to complete the customs perfectly, spending money does not necessarily see the end. The ending of most shoddy mobile games is often “flashing back” and endless bugs, making mobile game players helpless to give up eventually. Some players may still not be able to see the “perfect” ending of the game after they have paid thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

“Some games have no endings at all. Players can only go to the distribution mall to give negative reviews.” Zhang Haitao explained that although mobile games will be negatively reviewed by players, the development team will also hire navy forces to review positive reviews, which will top a large number of negative reviews. Tail.

The so-called “praise” of the players at the top

Only when users choose to rank the ratings from low to high, can you see the negative comments from a large number of players. If you don’t pay attention and you see a lot of high-score evaluations (Navy) on your head, you will choose to download the game curiously. “The praise is amazing, just say that playing this game can cure all diseases.”

The game company he once worked for has a Krypton mobile game with a monthly recharge income of 1.3 million yuan, which is quite fruitful compared to the three or four million promotion investment in one year. However, for some mobile game developers and operating teams, the purpose of promoting rough mobile games is far more than just “sucking money.”

Batch operations “create” data

“If the player doesn’t download, how do they know that the game and the advertisement are not right?”

Zhang Haitao told Understanding Notes that thanks to the attractive puzzle-solving advertisements, the real downloads of Krypton Gold Mobile Games are really not low. Even the players who gave the game negative reviews after krypton gold first downloaded the mobile game promoted by the advertisement and found that it was too late.

Compared with page game advertisements that are “matched” with game content, this type of mobile game advertisement is usually more confusing. Zhang Haitao demonstrated and searched for one of the promotion mobile games. You can see that there are more than 6,800 reviews in the APP store. Article.

“There are so many comments, indicating that the number of players is at least dozens of times or more. As for the players who are found to be fooled after downloading the game, and then silently deleted more players.” Zhang Haitao revealed that for the development team, as long as there are players downloading Generating data and downloading a large amount of data can lay a good foundation for company financing and mergers and acquisitions.

Negative reviews that can only appear when the reviews are ranked “from low to high”

“Because of the low retention rate of shoddy mobile games, and they change their names with a single shot, the price will not be too high even if they are financed or acquired.” Zhang Haitao said that most mobile game developers only sell money, so the team Will not invest a lot of budget costs. Some teams even look for small-scale mobile game development studios to buy Krypton gold mobile games in batches. These games are often developed by “mock dolls”, with different content, the same logic and routines. “Some mobile games cost only two or three. Ten thousand yuan, which is quite cheap.”

With a large push of the “mock doll” mobile game as the “carrier” for accumulating data, these teams then use the “not the right product” promotion method to attract players to download the game and create the so-called download volume. “Now, a game app with millions of downloads and tens of thousands of DAUs in the circle has a market valuation of about one million yuan.”

However, Zhang Haitao also emphasized that if it is shoddy and has millions of downloads, the market valuation of DAU in a Krypton mobile game with hundreds of people is at most 100,000 yuan. But for some game teams, it can be said that it is very cost-effective to induce players to complete the gold (to obtain short-term income) and then find an acquirer at such a low price.

Zhang Haitao said that he has heard that some teams in the game circle operate hundreds of small mobile games at the same time, and what they want is to do a good job and quickly sell them after reading the data. This can’t help but raise a question. With such inferior promotion methods and shoddy mobile games appearing frequently, don’t the distribution (platform) matter?

“The current distribution platform is only responsible for the game. As long as the game does not involve violations, then the mall will generally not interfere in how to promote and attract traffic.” Zhang Haitao said, not only that, if the user krypton money, top up, the operation team will also give distribution The platform is divided. The more downloads, the more players pay, the more the platform benefits. “Why not? Not to mention the Android App Store. These games can also be normally listed on the Apple App Store. If they are removed, they will be replaced immediately. “


In order to attract users to download the mobile game krypton gold top-up, some operating agencies “smartly established the name”, but indicated a “content for reference only” under the advertisement as a disclaimer. Perhaps, when the puzzle-solving content no longer attracts players, adventurous and biochemical-themed advertisements will also appear one after another, continuing to drain the crude small mobile games.

It has to be said that compared with the once flooded page game advertising, the operation team that promotes mobile games is now becoming more and more intelligent, playing with new methods of psychology and sociology, maybe there are so-called big data and AI. . But when players have a clear understanding of these promotion tactics, shoddy small mobile games may also be as cool as the legendary page games.

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