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What is the probability of getting 2 points for college exams?

Recently, negative events in the university exam are very much interested. In my personal opinion, the contestant cannot be impolite because this is definitely a calculated and prepared behavior. Because, the ability to get 2 points in the university exam is impossible. If the writing test is not known, there may be 0 points; but also take multiple-choice tests, even if you have to harass, you must have 2-3 points.

There is 1 contestant from Hoa Binh province with 2 points in physics and chemistry, first try to learn about the university exam in 2018. Both physics and chemistry exams have 40 sentences, each The sentence has 4 answers abcd, choose 1 of 4 answers.

University entrance exam for 2018 in Physics and Chemistry has 40 sentences, each question has 4 answers, choose 1

Assuming the test is only 1 sentence, if the candidate chooses randomly, the correct probability is 1/4 (0.25), the probability of error will be 3/4 (0.75).

Assuming that there are 2 sentences in the exam, the probability that both sentences will be (1/4) ^ 2 = 1/16, the probability of both sentences will be (3/4) ^ 2 = 9/16. Easy to understand, assuming that there are 16 contestants who are harassing and randomly hitting, there will be 1 correct candidate for both sentences, 6 correct candidates for 1 sentence, and 9 wrong candidates for both sentences.

But the problem is that the test has 40 sentences, so the probability of all 40 sentences will be (3/4) ^ 40 calculated by about 0.00001, meaning that the probability of all 40 sentences is 1 / 100,000 (one on one). hundred thousand). It is in the case of harassment, without thinking, without any knowledge, only to know one of the four answers.

That candidate is not only one but two points 0, so the probability will be (0.00001) ^ 2 = 0.0000000001, equivalent to 1 / 10,000,000,000 (one over ten billion).

You should know, the probability of winning the jackpot of the lottery vietlott 6/45 is only 1/8 million, which means the probability of winning the lottery vietlott 6/45 is 1000 times higher than the probability of getting 2 points at the university exam. . So it is impossible to say that the contestant is in this situation, the chances are high that the contestant has been told to leave the test blank and someone else can beat him or her easily. But the ability to get 2 points is impossible, and there is no way that the candidates going to university exams will deliberately leave the test.


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