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What is the plot planning doing? Talk about our functions and positioning

As a game planner who started to do storytelling when I entered the industry, it is now my 5th year immersed in it.

After these years of constant attempts, constant failures and constant accumulation. I have steadily stepped into the “senior level” palace, and I am only one step away from the “leader level”.

Thinking of waiting for the new project to start, it seems that I have to start recruiting younger brothers, I can’t help but want to prepare some introductory guides, on the one hand, for the reference of latecomers, on the other hand, I also test myself to see if I am qualified to take the next step. Up.

Today, let’s talk about the functions and positioning of plot planning

The function of “story planning” in a narrow sense. It refers to the work of creating and compiling the main storyline in the game and fully implementing it.

To describe “story planning” in a broad sense, it can be considered to be responsible for the realization of any content that can be matched with the story in the game.

In most cases, plot planning is defined from a broad perspective, but it performs functions from a narrow perspective.

The reason why it is defined from a broad perspective is that the plot module is not taken seriously, so a project team is likely to be responsible for the plot. Of course, all tasks have to be done by one person.

The reason for implementing it from a narrow perspective is that the plot module is not taken seriously, and the development team may not need you to write content other than the main and branch plots.

Because in their opinion, all those things are good, and they are set at will.

Therefore, the function of plot planning does not have clear boundaries like other positions.

According to the situation of the development team, and the degree of dependence of the project itself on the plot. The functional positioning of the plot planning of different project teams is often very different.

How the project team positions you is the key to what you should do.

Because of this, it is best to have sufficient psychological preparation for the story planner who just entered the job. Avoid unnecessary psychological changes due to the difference between functional positioning and psychological expectations.

(Because you change it is useless, unless you leave, you still have to do it)

If you are not taken seriously, your job content will be…

First of all, it is clear that I am a mobile game plot planner.

Secondly, I am a plot planner from a small team.

In today’s environment, most practitioners have also become or have become a mobile game planner.

Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to become a terminal game or even a host game planner, then I will give you envious eyes, and you don’t have to take my experience into it.

When I first entered the industry (2015), plot planning can be said to be a very unskilled position.

At that time, I worked in a small project team of about 20 people.

Although I claim to be a plot planner.

But most of my working time is not writing plots.

The design of the limbic system and the mechanical filling of the numerical part are my main tasks.

I often feel that I am not a plot planner, but an executive planner in charge of the plot.

And this situation of using plot planning as execution was a common phenomenon throughout the industry at that time.

(Large factories are relatively better, but the situation of small and medium factories is roughly the same)

For games, especially for mobile games, the plot is not as important as plot planning.

For the project team, the plot is not a key factor in the success of a game.

In other words, if your gameplay level is not fun, the art design is spicy, and the numerical structure is unreasonable.

Then no matter how good the plot is, the loss of players cannot be avoided.

On the contrary, if your level design is exquisite, the development system is interesting, and the numerical structure is excellent.

Coupled with the strong support of the art team.

Then a game with almost no plot can also be sold at a great price, making a lot of money.

Development is costly, and the parts that don’t matter if not done will naturally be discarded.

Therefore, plot planning has become a dispensable existence.

“No one will watch the plot anyway, just do it whatever you want.”

The plot planning of that period has more or less heard such a confusing remark.

This kind of industry ethos that does not pay attention to the plot naturally leads to the decline of talents in plot planning positions.

So everyone was transferred.

The vast majority of plot planning chose to transfer at the end.

After all, a job that is not valued, the salary that can be offered will not be too high.

After working for a year, the plot planning plot did not write two chapters, but the form was filled out all over.

Now that you understand everything you need to know, it’s better to transfer to the system and work as a value.

Look at the salary of the system plan, the bonus of the numerical plan.

How can there be any reason to continue to be a plot plan?

If you unfortunately join a team that does not value the plot, you are likely to experience all of the above. However, in view of the rising value of plot planning at this stage, I do not recommend that you change jobs easily.

The improving status quo and the valued you

The market is a big environment that will change with various factors.

Starting in 2019, as a practitioner, it is obvious that the market has increasingly higher requirements for the quality of game products in the story module.

Players playing games are essentially a process of pursuing novel experiences.

How to make players feel fun is also equivalent to how to make players feel novel.

However, it is limited by hardware. The gameplay cannot be innovated indefinitely.

The homogeneity of products has become more and more serious.

Faced with players who have played everything, you can’t think of any new ideas that can make them pay.

As a result, the responsibility of helping players find freshness began to shift from the gameplay layer to the performance layer.

In 2018, a large number of game products with art performance as a selling point appeared on the market.

How to have sufficient control over the art expression layer to ensure that the art effect can meet development expectations. Began to become an important proposition.

And this is exactly the duty of a plot planner.

And because of this, we now have the opportunity to be valued and a decent function positioning for plot planning.

Relative to the story, you will be asked to focus on how to create a good enough atmosphere. How to make art designs that can attract target groups.

You must carefully write art requirements documents and follow up the progress of art development. Ensure that all resources can be packaged as expected.

I am very fortunate that nowadays, more and more project teams have begun to pay attention and recruit strong plot planners in order to ensure the control of the performance layer.

Of course, due to the industry’s consistent cognition of “story planning”, for masters, we have to change the name of a high level.

Has to be renamed “Worldview Architect”.

No matter how bad it is, it has to be “senior plot planning.”

As a result, the plot planner who originally lived at the bottom of the development team saw the dawn of dawn.

Although the story can still be written casually, but at least follow up the work of art development. Far more than matching watches can satisfy the pride of plot planning.

Feng Shui turns around

There is unfortunate news here.

That is because in the past, the plot module was not taken seriously, and a lot of talents were lost.

As a result, it’s time for good plot planning to be carried out.

Only found that the person was gone.

Right, everyone has been transferred after all.

Oh, by the way, there are also direct career changes.

Under such a major premise, it is more difficult for many HRs to recruit a senior plot planner or worldview architect with successful project experience.

Of course, for those who have insisted on not leaving the plot module.

Now is the time for all suffering.


As far as my personal judgment is concerned, the future of plot planning is still relatively bright.

As players’ requirements for game quality increase, the value of plot planning will naturally rise.

However, I did not find an answer to one question.

That is, what is the way forward after becoming the “leader of the story group”?

I have never heard of a case where a plot planner can become the main strategy or even a producer.

(After all, everyone has been transferred)

So there is no way to find reference materials for “how to become a producer in a plot planner”.

Relative to senior numerical, master-level system. To what extent does the plot planning have to be qualified to compete for the “producer” seat.

I think this will be the next issue that all “senior level” plot planning needs to consider.


At such a point in time, if you want to join the game development industry as a planner, becoming a plot planner seems to be a good choice.

However, is the entry barrier for plot planning really as low as people think?

How do you know if you are suitable for being a plot planner?

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