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What is the mudguard on a car, do we need it?

What is the mudguard for the wheel, what is its use, is this car all available and do we really need it? The answer will have the following.

What is mud barrier, how does it work?

Mudguard has another way to call the wheel. It is a sub-element that shields the rear of the wheel to prevent the water rays from being swept and shot backwards when the vehicle runs on a wet road surface. As far as I know, there are two main purposes when attaching a wheel mudguard:

  • Reducing the slime on the body and rear, causing unsanitary as well as aesthetics
  • Reducing water splashes to the rear and to the sides of the vehicle, affecting vehicles and people on the road.

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Fenders on a SUV model, this car has both fenders for front and rear wheels

Are all cars available with mud guards?

The answer is no. It is not mandatory for the automakers to install the fenders for their products when it is shipped, it does not affect the fact that the car has enough standard to circulate on the road. The fact that the company has built mudguard on the car when the factory is generally arbitrary and generous, you will always have no need to buy and install more.

As you can see below, the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga sells for about 549 million, both front and rear wheels are fitted with mudguard. As for Admin Cuhiep's BMW 640i, the price is 5-6 times more expensive, but buying 4 niches has nothing, still and still running smoothly.

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The new Suzuki Ertiga has both fenders for front and rear wheels

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BMW 640i after a few years of use still does not add mudguard

Do we need mud guards?

This question is answered depending on your needs as well as your views. Basically, mounting or not attaching the mudguard as I said is not affecting the performance of the vehicle. If the car you bought has not got mud barriers, you are afraid of the dirty car, you have to spend a lot of effort to wash the car after going to the rain, or do not want mud to shoot on other cars on the road, you should install more.

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Small cars in Vietnam often do not have mud barriers when sold

The price of the whole set of 4 mud guards is now somewhere around several hundred thousand. You go to Google to find out which is the right type for different models, or just go to the shops that sell car accessories to ask.

Wishing you a safe rainy season ride : D


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