What is the meaning of January 8th, what happened to the song power 10 years ago?

What is the meaning of January 8th, what happened to the song power 10 years ago?

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What is the meaning of January 8th, what happened to the song power 10 years ago?

I believe that anyone who likes Yang Mi should know that the date of many major events announced by Yang Mi is January 8, so does January 8 have any special significance?

Yang Mi announced his love affair and marriage on January 8. Many people think this is because of Hu Ge.

When the 22-year-old Yang Mi and 26-year-old Hu Ge filmed “Sword and Sword III”, how sweet the interaction was, now the two of them are abused.


Many people say that when filming “Sword and Sword III”, it should be the peak of Yang Mi’s appearance, and this fairy tale drama has become the Bai Yueguang in the minds of many people. After this drama, the film and television roads of several starring actors have developed. The wind goes smoothly.

Tang Yan and Luo Jin tied the knot, and the love stories in and out of the play were very good, and they moved the plot from the idol drama to real life.

Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong’s marriage status is also very good. After giving birth to the child, Liu Shishi is in the same state as before, and the love story with Wu Qilong is equally sweet.

After Huo Jianhua and Ruby Ruby got married, although some people have always been dissatisfied, they did not affect their beautiful marriage status in the slightest.

However, Xuejian and Jingtian in “Sword and Sword III”, Xiyao and Tianpeng are not so lucky. Yang Mi got married and had children, and has been divorced until now. Although Hu Ge has strong professional skills and good acting skills and personality, the road of love has not been so smooth. Now that both of them are single, some netizens once again knocked on the sugar they had 10 years ago.


Although Yang Mi and Hu Ge have never admitted to being together, it is difficult to deny this through microblog interaction or private interaction. Ten years ago, the two people’s Weibo was very exciting, and almost all the interactions had clues about being together.

In the two years from 2009 to 2011, the Weibo of Yang Mi and Hu Ge almost all overlapped highly. Even inattentive people can see the clues, but the two seem to be little lovers in the heat, expressing vaguely Love yourself.

At that time, the Internet was not as developed as it is now. If it is placed in the current interaction, it will definitely be a real love. Both were in their early 20s, so frequent interactions were normal. There is a sentence like this that just describes two people; if you like one person, even if you close your mouth, love will come out of your eyes.

At that time, Yang Mi was also a very young girl, and he posted a lot of Weibo with Hu Ge between the lines.

The two people also posted Weibo about My Neighbor Totoro, and Hu Ge’s reply was also very spoiled. The unscrupulous interaction between the two also turned a lot of people on, and many people called their cps. Song Mi.

If you say that the state of two people at the beginning is a young couple immersed in love, but after May 2010, you can see that some changes have taken place in their Weibo status. They no longer share joy with each other, but there is something between the lines. Melancholy.

In 2011, Hu Ge released a Weibo that was designated by netizens as the two-person Weibo.

Many people speculate about the reason for the breakup, but there are two credible versions. The first is that Yang Mi had a conflict with the company, but Hu Ge did not come forward at this time, standing on Yang Mi’s side, and at this time Yang Mi was almost hidden by the company. The second reason is because Hu Ge’s mother, Hu Ge is known to be very filial, so she rarely violates her mother’s wishes, and Hu Ge’s mother on the Internet does not like Yang Mi, so the two broke up. Some clues can also be seen on Hu Ge’s Weibo.


On January 8, 2011, Hu Ge and Yang Mi each posted a Weibo. It can be seen that the relationship between the two really broke down. After posting the Weibo, Yang Mi closed Hu Ge, cleanly and without The slightest mess.

However, from then on, Yang Mi seemed to be on the same day as January 8. Later, I met Hawick Lau, who was mature and stable. After the two fell in love, Yang Mi did not hide the slightest and generously admitted that the two were in love. However, the date of the announcement of the relationship happens to be January 8.

Yang Mi announced his love, Hu Ge sent blessings, Yang Mi ignored it.

Yang Mi’s wedding date was set on January 8, without inviting Hu Ge, Hu Ge sent blessings in the air, Yang Mi still ignored it.

Yang Mi’s daughter was born, Hu Ge reposted Weibo to send blessings, but Yang Mi still ignored it.

Although Yang Mi has not responded to Hu Ge, Hu Ge still pays attention to Yang Mi. This should be evidence of love. Later, when Yang Mi fell into negative news, Hu Ge stepped forward again and forwarded Weibo. Many people feel that Hu Ge’s vocalizations so many times are just to make up for a regret that year.


In 2015, the two finally had some intersection. Yang Mi invited Hu Ge to the premiere of his movie, but Hu Ge couldn’t go there because of something. Yang Mi asked Hu Ge to post her Weibo promotion. Means: Should we return to Weibo?

Later, in an interview, Yang Mi, as always, unabashedly said: It was Hu Ge that made attention. However, they also said that although the two did not interact on the Internet, they are still close friends in private.

Now that ten years have passed, the two people stand at the top and meet again. Many CP fans of the two hope that the two can get back together. However, time has passed, and the mood of the two has long been different. It may be difficult to get together again. Hu Ge said in an interview before that he would consider his mother’s wishes, so many netizens think that Hu Ge’s love affair over the years is actually a pity. After all, it is not because of not being able to be together without love, but some other obstacles.

On the other hand, Yang Mi’s love view is generous and unobtrusive. At the peak, he got married and had children, and he didn’t hesitate to divorce after he didn’t love. It may also be because of their personality that prevented them from being together.

Probably in a parallel time and space, Xi Yao and Tianpeng lived happily together, and Sedum also guarded his piggy, Xue Jian also leaned on Cai Ya’s shoulder, watching Xue together.


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