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‘What is the group’s absence’ and anti-fan’s response


( Just joined the anti-fan group, ViruSs has clicked “like” in a panic and continuously commented on their most recent posts. Immediately the admin of the group discovered and what is next?

ViruSs is a name that has been constantly being mentioned in recent times. Typically the farewell to Ngan Assassin, “war” with rapper Binh Gold … These things have greatly affected his “reputation”.

Is not Only ViruSs and many other celebrities have fans and anti-fans. Forming an anti-fan group to exchange and share news about celebrities has become a trend on social networks. ViruSs also has an anti-fan and recently joined the anti-group himself.

Just joining the group, ViruSs was immediately discovered. Many people think that he must have walked through the groups and decided to join this group because he wanted to help increase the number of members. Because when greeted by the admin group, this new member replied: “Hello everyone =. = Group is not so empty”. Another commented, “Are you looking forward to winter ???” ViruSs then immediately clicked like.

Celebrities with anti-fans are not uncommon, but it is not uncommon to join an anti-fan group like ViruSs. Many funny people commented:

– First and foremost, you should wait for people to fight with you more than you would like to be your anti.

In general, artists don’t use extra nicknames to see the situation anyway. Why do you say that to the owner directly, if you fix something that is not good, you will stay.

– I can’t hear that ViruSs is the FB ambassador. Check in to check the group works better only.

– I like this kind of thing. Use your main nick to join, not the type of showing no interest, thanks to your assistant or using your secondary nick to mix in.



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