The most infamous keyboard tournament in Apple history: why is there a butterfly? - Photo 1.

What is the butterfly wing keyboard and why does it make such a scandal for Apple?

If there is one thing that is most appealing to Apple in recent years, it is a series of nightmares for the MacBook's new keyboard design. While Apple laptops are seen as the pinnacle of design, it annoys people because of one of the laptop's most basic capabilities: keystrokes.

And what is the main reason here: keys with butterfly wings design – and perhaps also for the environment around us.

And finally, that nightmare day is probably coming to an end when rumors are circulating that Apple is about to eliminate the design of this keyboard and return to the original key design. But why is that? What is the butterfly wings keyboard design and why is it the cause of these problems?

First, how does a regular keyboard work?

Before going on to explain the problems with the butterfly keyboard, we first need to look at how the normal keyboard works.

Keyboards often have a variety of variants, but one of the most common designs for laptops is the scissor design – this may also be the upcoming design for Apple's upcoming laptop keyboard.

Basically, it will work in the following way:

The most infamous keyboard tournament in Apple history: why is there a butterfly? - Photo 2.

Due to this cross-sectional design, the scissor keyboard does not require a long downward journey as long as a keyboard for desktop computers. This makes it an ideal design for laptops – but as you see in the image above – there is still plenty of free space under each of these buttons.

This brings Apple to the creation of a butterfly keyboard, when the company wants to create an increasingly slimmer and sleeker keyboard than its competitors.

The problem of the butterfly wing keyboard

Below is a picture of Apple's butterfly keyboard introduced many years ago. Although it has undergone some modifications, its operation structure remains the same as the original design.

The most infamous keyboard tournament in Apple history: why is there a butterfly? - Photo 3.

Apple butterfly keyboard design.

Basically, it is called a butterfly keyboard because its design and operation are similar to butterfly wings. While the scissor keys will have two cross sections, the butterfly-wing keyboard uses a small coupling in the middle. In other words, while the scissor-shaped key is X-shaped, the butterfly-wing keyboard is closer to an extended V.

From a design perspective, this is a genius creation. It is a slimmer and honest operation mechanism, typing on it can be a real pleasure.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to belong to our world. Because of the extended V-shaped design of the butterfly keyboard, the food, dirt and rubbish are easy to fall below the key press and cause the keys to jam – something more unlikely for the letter-shaped key. X of switch scissor.

The most infamous keyboard tournament in Apple history: why is there a butterfly? - Photo 4.

The space under the key press and the movement of the key press are what make this difference. With the drag-and-drop button, the empty space surrounds a very narrow rubber key and the two bars always move diagonally, making the ability of dirt to enter underneath very low.

Meanwhile, although the empty space under the butterfly wing key is thinner, it is considerably wider than the butterfly-shaped key. Moreover, the butterfly-wing motion mechanism almost has the effect of sucking in small dust particles, making the possibility of dirt and food particles falling under the key press higher. And with the remarkable thinness of the butterfly keyboard, a few tiny particles of dust inside it are also capable of jamming that key.


With its obsession with thinness, Apple has created a new laptop keyboard – it is thinner, more polished and more enjoyable to type. Unfortunately, it only works stably in almost sterile environments. That loses one of the most important aspects of any computer – a handy working tool everywhere.

Anyway, hopefully this nightmare will soon end with rumors that Apple is about to switch to the new keyboard design.

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