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What is the best camera experience for phones? Long live auto mode!

These are the things that make me feel that the camera experience on smartphones is fast, beautiful and easier. How about you?

Auto mode must be delicious, the algorithm must be genuine

Want to put up for instant delivery, the most important thing is the algorithm (because at that time you have no effect on the camera anymore, at most touch the focus only). The auto algorithms of Samsung, Apple and Google Pixel are the three things I appreciate the most nowadays because they are flexible enough for many different situations, nearly every scene posted is usable. Sony's algorithm is making me the most bored, I wonder if it has improved on Xperia 1.

The algorithm includes many parts, from scene recognition, self-adjusting exposure parameters, color parameters, to compressing images and outputting JPEG images. An algorithm sequence like this is called an "image processing pipeline" (because they are processed multiple steps and in succession). Invite you to take a closer look in the explanation of the image algorithm.

Basically, Pro Mode on the phone is for a small number of people who know how to edit photos, and must also have enough time to adjust, or the moment passes. Auto is number one.

Camera app interface must be simple

Among the camera apps, I find the iPhone and Google Camera apps to be the simplest, less distracting, and fast and easy to adjust. This interface makes it easier and more interesting for me to take photos, and I can focus on the moment rather than the whole day making adjustments on my phone so that my photos are beautiful. Don't forget that you have to experience those moments too, but you just focus on taking photos, you are a photographer and not a normal user. : D

Camera access and boot must be in off state (CPU, internal memory)

And also in order to capture the moment, the camera app must run extremely fast, as fast as possible. To do this, the CPU needs to be good enough and the memory is fast enough. Usually, high-end phones can do this without any difficulty, mid-range smartphones, I have not been impressed by the speed of camera app. I'm going to have Pixel 3A XL, to try it out.

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Easy photo sharing, smart photo management

And finally, managing photos and sharing is easy, because often when you're done shooting you have to back up, you have to review it, and you'll want everyone else to see it. This section Google Photos does well in the backup and sharing for others to contribute / view photos, but I do not like the way that Google Photos becomes the default photo viewing app, it is somehow overwhelming. On Android I use the Go Gallery app, much simpler and more delicious, but also developed by Google, on iOS, using the default photo manager (Photos) is fine.

These are the factors that make me get the best camera experience on my phone, what about you? Please share comments.

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