What is special about Ford Co-Pilot360 technology?

What is special about Ford Co-Pilot360 technology?

Ford’s Co-Pilot360 technology will be the foundation to help increase the safety of Ford vehicles.

Ford aims through Co-Pilot360 technology

Ford has been continuously researching and applying safety technology in cars non-stop with the goal of becoming the leading car manufacturer in terms of quality and leading brand of automotive safety in the automotive market. world. With what has been shown, through high safety technology Co-Pilot360, Ford partly fulfills its goal of becoming a leader in the quality and safety car race in the market. Ford car technology will be researched, improved and further improved in the near future with an estimated budget of up to USD 500 million.

The goal of Ford through high safety technology Co - Pilot360

The goal of Ford through high safety technology Co – Pilot360

Co-Pilot360 technology safety features provided by Ford

The safety features that Ford’s Co-Pilot360 technology brings to car users include: blind spot warning, automatic emergency braking AEB, anti-glare headlight system, 360 reverse camera, warning driver, lane keeping system, pedestrian sensing sensors … Although these safety features have been introduced by automakers, but with Co-Pilot360, Ford brings to users. use more than that.

Not only owning most modern safety features on the same technology platform called Co-Pilot360, but Ford also knows how to perfect, helping each other’s support features to create a unified working system. power efficiency. This is the point where the Ford car company has won the trust of customers and potential customers will come to the company in the near future.

Co pedestrian sensor feature of Co - Pilot360

Co pedestrian sensor feature of Co – Pilot360

The anti-glare function helps assist the driver to move in low light but still does not cause dazzling condition for vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. Warning detects pedestrians, bicyclists, or animals appearing suddenly, sensors have a task to scan for abnormal movements and give alerts to help drivers perform brakes. , slow down … if the driver is unable to respond promptly, features such as automatic emergency braking, emergency braking will do the task. These alerts will send signals such as a light steering wheel, beeps in the cabin, flashing lights … to attract the driver’s attention.

Ford equips Co-Pilot360 on most models

Ford equips Co-Pilot360 on most models

Currently, the latest generation of Ford cars are applied high safety technology Co-Pilot360. In particular, there are distribution models in Vietnam such as Ford Focus, Ford Ranger, Ford Everest … Co-Pilot360 has the top mission to help reduce collisions and minimize the danger level when a collision occurs. . Despite the modern Ford safety driving technology, the decisive factor is still the driver, who holds the safety for both the people in the car and the people around them.

So do not subjectively give all car safety technology but need to know to control the steering wheel, to control the speed because when driving, just a small negligence of an accident will be very likely to occur. Conscious in the process of traffic, driving will become easier and more interesting, especially when you own a car equipped with many interesting features from Ford.

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