What is SEO? Admin's perspective on SEO after nearly 5 years of experience

SEO whose full name is Search Engine Optimizaton It is understood as search engine optimization, a term that is very important for every marketing and web expert. There are many ways to understand SEO, as well as many ways to optimize search engines according to Google standards. Of course, in the process, you will also get free and effective support from SEO standardization tools from Google.

Even so, to be inert an SEOer is not a simple task because it requires you to master the basic knowledge as well as constantly experience with specific jobs to be able to stick with the profession. If you're just learning about SEO, keep reading the content below!


Caidatweb.com site is well due Solomen developing, in the future I will share free knowledge about SEO, Hosting / VPS administration as well as the way I develop a website from zero to income.

Why do I have this intention? Simply because I want to do something for the community or society by my experience in this field in the hope of being able to help those who are in need of it.


What is SEO? How to understand SEO properly?

As mentioned, SEO is the term “Search engine optimization”, Commonly known as actions to help Google appreciate your site through good page read metrics, which in turn leads the site to the top of the search page.

Besides running ads, implementing expensive communication plans, there are many businesses building "Nội dung" SEO standards to naturally increase engagement. Of course, to be able to push your website to the top of Google search is not easy, especially in the context of fierce competition to "top" today.

A short time ago, businesses often tended to SEO "black hat" – use articles that have proper SEO keyword set to "Trick" Google rating algorithms. However, rampant writing of poor quality is only for the purpose of filling content that cannot provide optimal results in the long run.

No matter how many articles you write, but the content is bullshit and repetition, the interaction will certainly not pull back to the website, but in the long run, users will be the most accurate measure of the quality of a website through some criteria such as number of visits, number of sessions, page read rate, …

Some free SEO support tools from Google

To use these tools, you just need to Sign up for a new Gmail account or use the account you created earlier to use.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important webmaster tool, which helps you collect data about the website, from which to monitor closely and be able to plan specifically for administration.

Google Analytics will help you answer some of the following questions:

  • How many people visit your website?
  • Where are they from?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Where are your traffic coming from?
  • Which marketing tactic attracts the most traffic to your site?
  • Which page has the most attract customers, get the most traffic?
  • How many visitors have turned into leads?
  • Where do those customers come from?
  • Which pages are most interested in by your customers?
  • How to optimize website speed?
  • What is my favorite blog content?
  • What content is most viewed?

google analytics

Google Analytics helps you analyze website performance, in addition to analyzing user behavior in the most general way (gender, age, locality, demographics, etc.). This tool also allows you to plan your ads and target the perfect customer file. The free platform, along with the unlimited number of web exploits, has become a close friend of administrators, SEO experts or anyone who owns a website, blog. …

Businesses or website owners who want to grow, the control of online potential customers is extremely important. Google Analytics will help you capture the maximum number of customers interested in the website, their search trends and general characteristics, thereby making long-term development plans. It should also be noted that, when your website has a certain number of visits, Google Analytics may cost you to use. It is understandable, because the analysis and storage of the website 10 million views / month It's not that easy.

Google Adwords

google adswords

Keyword is the most important factor in content and SEO. To be built keyword set In order to fill up the information and content on the website, you will need to have research support tools, check the keyword ratio. Every website has specific content or products, and your task is to find out which keywords your website should use to best match, get the most searched users, and have the potential to rank on Google. Most.

Google Adswords will be a free tool that will give you these main keyword or Keyword information when you enter basic keywords, and the order of that keyword's rating. The keyword set will be built based on the criteria Search Volume (keyword popularity), Trend, CPC, Competition.

I often use Ahref.com tool to analyze and search potential keywords for my current projects. However, this is a tool that you will need to pay on a recurring basis by month or year, however yes a trick I'd like to share with you if you want to use this tool the cheapest, that is to use general purchasing services.

Muatool.com is the service to buy Ahref.com tools that I have been using for over 1 year and generally are quite satisfied with this page.

Google Search Console (Google Webmasters)

google webmaster

Google Console formerly known as Google Webmaster and can be connected to Google Analytics. This is a useful tool to help you check, install url links, check the visibility of the website on google, promptly check for url errors and other errors affecting the display quality on Google.

Google Console is also a tool to evaluate whether your keywords are currently performing well or not. Basically, they help you figure out which traffic is coming to each link on the page, which keywords are being displayed, and which keywords are most effective at converting users.

Verify website

To use Google Console, you need to verify your site with this tool. Refer to 4 ways to help you successfully verify this at this paragraph.

Problems Google Console Will support your website:

  • Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site.
  • Fix indexing issues and require re-indexing of new or updated content.
  • See traffic data from Google Search to your site: how often your site appears in Google Search, what search terms do your site show, how often searchers click go to the page for those terms, etc.
  • Get notified when Google encounters indexing, spam content or other issues on your site.
  • Shows you web pages that link to your website.
  • Fix AMP issues, mobile usability, and other Search features.

Present, Google Console A new update is available, however, you can still use both versions in parallel. Google Console new version has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Stores search traffic data for 16 months (compared to 3 months of the old version)
  • Information about indexing status, URLs, mobile platform friendliness, etc.
  • Data collection issues, factors hindering the data collection process from Google
  • New and improved reports and tools, etc.

With Google Console, the problems of finding data will be discovered soon, and you will be oriented to solve and optimize the website. Therefore, Google Console is not only useful for SEO experts but also fully utilized by network administrators. However, in order to take full advantage of the features of Google Console, you also need an overview of code, network management and online marketing.


With the huge amount of data that Google provides, you can unleash your exploitation and administration of your website. In addition to the tools provided for free, you can also consult and learn more about SEO knowledge from SEO forums in Vietnam and abroad to get the best SEO knowledge from there. will help you improve your website on the Google search engine.

Hopefully, this article will help you know what SEO is and the free tools that Google has provided completely free to support bloggers, webmasters, … If there are questions or some questions. SEO or how I develop my blog (Topthuthuat.com) Do not hesitate to leave your comments in the section below!



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