What is sale and what should you do if you don’t want to sell?

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When asked What is sale, everyone would say that it is a very attractive job because of its flexibility and the ability to earn unlimited commissions. However, not everyone is suitable for this job. If you have any of the following, it is a sign that you should find another career path.

However, first let’s find out what is sale.

What is sale?

Sales is a term used to describe activities related to the sale of goods or services. Sales departments of businesses are divided into different groups. And these sales groups are usually identified based on:

· Sale area

· The product or service they are selling

· Targeted customer

The goal of sales is to reach out to potential customers who are interested in their products / services or in line with the description of their target customers in the hope of providing solutions and getting customers to buy. their products / services.

What are the signs that you are not suitable for sale?

You are afraid of being rejected

Salespeople will not always be 100% successful when selling products or services to customers, but they will often be rejected, especially when offering by phone. Because of this, a salesperson must have composure and quickly regain morale after being rejected. If you’re afraid of hearing words like “I don’t need”, “I’m busy”, this can affect your ability to find new customers and quell your enthusiasm. So, if you can’t face rejection and do your best to avoid it, selling is not the right job for you.

You pessimistic

Salespeople need to maintain a positive attitude at all times, especially in front of customers. They must meet sales targets, try to win customers and it is easy to lose customers for unimaginable reasons. While optimists can handle these issues easily, pessimists can collapse from pressure and be more likely to fail. If you tend to only look at the negative side of the problem, you may not be suitable for the sales job.

You always procrastinate

As stated in the Sale section, the salesperson must be proactive, otherwise they will not be successful in this position. A phone call to introduce yourself to potential customers can wait until tomorrow morning but why not do it today? Salespeople need to feel urgently done, otherwise they will have difficulty building relationships with customers and closing contracts. When you choose to “save” everything for tomorrow, you are creating opportunities for competitors to contact and win over your customers.

Money is not a big motivation for you

There are some people who are very successful in sales because they are passionate about challenges or because it is the right job for them, not for the money. However, it cannot be denied that the motivation of the majority of salespeople comes from financial issues. This does not mean that they are greedy and think of money but simply making money is very important for them. Without this motivation, you will have no reason to try harder. Salespeople are highly paid for their hard work and for their essential role. But if you say, “Money doesn’t matter to me,” there’s a lot more to you than sales.

You are afraid to talk to people

Do you know what the selling points are? That is the contact with a lot of people. If you are an introvert, you can still succeed with the sales profession. But you won’t achieve that result if you hate talking to people. Sales people not only need to communicate regularly with other people, but they must often meet people with many backgrounds with all kinds of different personalities. If this thought makes you falter, it is better not to engage in sales – which requires openness and easy conversation with strangers.

You are passionate about “creating a product” rather than “making an impact”

If you are interested in creating applications, software or physical products, then the sales profession may not be the best option for you.

That does not mean that you cannot be a manufacturer and a seller, but you will encounter many difficulties. Because selling involves influencing and understanding human psychology along with constantly interacting with potential customers. If you’re a manufacturer psychologist, you might find these are distracting things.

Being inadequate to sell is not too bad and does not mean that you should never sell. It simply means you shouldn’t pursue a sales career. To be most successful, find the roles that you are most eligible for. With sharing What is sale Along with the signs you do not fit the sale above, hope you will discover more about yourself and choose the most suitable career.

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