What is Product Software (SaaP) and what is Service Software (SaaS)?
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What is Product Software (SaaP) and what is Service Software (SaaS)?

In recent years we have often heard of the rise of SaaS (Software as a Services) instead of SaaP (Software as a Product) in the digital world. So, what are these two terms? Let’s find out through the article below to equip yourself with the basic items to enter the digital world.

SwaP / SaaP: Software as a product

SaaP (short for Software as a product) is a software product where users or businesses only need to pay a license once to be able to freely use all features, without any maintenance or update fees. This traditional form of issuance is like buying a motorcycle that comes with a 2 year warranty.

When purchasing the software with the key, users only need to enter the correct key when installing, even without the Internet, they can use.

Microsoft Word under Microsoft Office is a form of SaaP.

However, if a major update is released, users will have to pay additional fees, for example, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The upgrade will help users use some new features while ensuring safety. than before security vulnerabilities.

SaaS: Software as a service

SaaS is software hosted on the web, usually via cloud computing and charged for a time, as opposed to a party that is downloaded after purchase and then hosted by the customer. Once the customer pays the subscription will be granted access to the application by the seller to the agreed upon security, availability, and performance standards. Internet is required to use it. SaaS works just like you would when you rent books in a library.

SaaS: Software as a service

Typical applications for SaaS are Google Docs or Prezi.

With SaaS, customers can comfortably work and compose documents from any Internet-connected device (phone, PC, tablet), anywhere without having to spend too much money. to buy equipment or pay for expensive keys.

What are PaaS and IaaS?

In addition to SaaS, the digital world has the concepts of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). To distinguish these two concepts by degree, you can rely on the table below.

What are PaaS and IaaS?  first

What are PaaS and IaaS?  2

What are PaaS and IaaS?  3

Objects of use

The advantage of SaaS is that the service provider will have to ensure the server operates stably, secure and fix errors … This is a great choice for small and medium businesses, with almost no parts. IT. In addition, compared to SaaP, SaaS also has a low initial cost, is regularly updated, and easier to improve the process.

Although there are many advantages, but SaaS also has the disadvantage that is the Internet system. If the power is lost or the life is lost, the whole company cannot work. That is why large companies often invest in purchasing software as a product.


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