What is motorbike IC? Why is this part so often stolen that makes the car inoperable?
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What is motorbike IC? Why is this part so often stolen that makes the car inoperable?

Just as humans need a brain to control their bodily functions, so does a motor, and a “brain” is needed to control simple to complex activities. This part makes it easier and smarter to use the vehicle. Currently, there are many repairmen and people mentioning this technique, like that What is motorbike IC? Where is the motorbike IC? We will find out in the article below.

1. What is motorcycle IC?

IC (Integrated-Circuit) is an abbreviated phrase in English. This is a term to refer to a part that controls the electronic circuit system from simple to complex. These wrong ICs, called ECUs, can also control electrical systems, fuel pumps, engine controls or even read user operations to analyze and give experience. best with the car. To make it easy to understand, the IC is the control unit of the motorbike, operating after turning on the car’s ignition key.

IC set on scooter

IC set on scooter

2. What is the effect of motorbike IC?

Perhaps, after the interpretation of what is a motorcycle IC? then we can partly understand the importance of this part on a vehicle. Without the driver IC, the car will not start because the IC is responsible for converting the current of the alternating coil from AC to DC and deciding the time of ignition to discharge into the combustion chamber during the process. start and operate the vehicle.

Motorcycle ICs control the operation of the car

Motorcycle ICs control the operation of the car

More specifically, in the engine block, there is always a root in the electric motor, when this block touches the contact point in the chamber, it will transmit a signal to the IC. After that, the IC will control and direct current to the mobin unit and to the spark plug to perform ignition inside the combustion chamber of the vehicle.

In short, the motorized IC unit controls spark plugs so that it is even and synchronized with the rotation speed of the engine and makes the car work.

3. Motorcycle IC location

Depending on the type of vehicle and the manufacturer, on each motorbike, the IC will be in different positions. For example, on Piaggio cars, the IC is usually located at the front of the car, under the front cover or under the seat if the car uses electronic fuel injection technology; On Honda cars, the IC set is usually located under the saddle, the right side of the trunk … Especially, the models are often “jumping” IC like Honda LEAD, the IC is located in the area inside the head mask. car but very easily removed.

4. How much does an IC cost?

As known above, IC can be considered as the source of life for a motorbike and is a complex and intelligent electronic structure. Therefore, the IC block, although small, is very “martial” and not cheap at all.

On the market, the IC of cars such as Yamaha Exciter, Honda Wave is usually worth about 700,000 to 1 million. For scooters, they are more expensive with a market price of about 3 to 4 million. In particular, the IC or ECU on the car more modern and smarter, it costs from 8 to tens of millions of dong.

Because of the high value of ICs on motorbikes and the ease of disassembling, motorcycle ICs are often the target of thieves. Currently, this situation is still quite common and up to 70% of vehicles have IC theft Honda LEAD.

5. Measures to anti-theft motorbike IC

Anti-theft IC for motorbike is needed

Anti-theft IC for motorbike is needed

To prevent theft and secure assets for your motorcycle, you can refer to the following methods to prevent theft of motorbike ICs:

  • Bringing the IC to a different area from the original to distract
  • For additional screws, metal locks are installed in the IC position
  • Install anti-theft vehicle when impacted
  • Using fake IC put in the original location of the old IC

In addition to the above measures, motorbike users can find IC anti-theft devices that are installed directly into the IC area at a cheap price, only from VND 100,000 to VND 200,000.

As such, ICs are a very important part of motorcycles when they are the control center of the vehicle, helping the car operate more smoothly and control other modern electronic devices on the vehicle. Take measures to protect this department from theft to protect our own assets and pockets.



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