What is DCT dual clutch gearbox? Advantages and disadvantages of dual-clutch gearbox

What is DCT dual clutch gearbox? Advantages and disadvantages of dual-clutch gearbox

What is DCT dual clutch gearbox? Advantages and disadvantages of dual-clutch gear like? Invite you to find the answer in the following article.

The introduction of DCT dual-clutch gearbox

The father of the DCT dual-clutch gearbox is Adolphe Kegresse, a talented automotive engineer. He is best known for developing the half-track vehicle (the one with front tires and the back track), which is a vehicle that can handle a variety of complex terrain. In 1939, Kegresse came up with the idea of ​​a dual-clutch gearbox system, but the unfavorable financial situation at the time prevented the further development of this project.

DCT gearboxDCT dual clutch gearbox

The automaker that really gave birth to DCT dual-clutch gearbox technology is Porsche with the name PDK (Porsche Dopelkupplungsgetriebe). In 1983, Porsche integrated the PDK for their particular model, the Porsche 956. This car, along with Porsche 962, won its first race in 1986. This gearbox technology. Used quite a lot on Porsche models, from Porsche Boxster to Porsche Carrera 4S.

From here, the dual-clutch gearbox became increasingly popular with the name DCT gearbox. Among common car manufacturers, Ford is the pioneer in applying this technology with the name PowerShift gearbox. Many people wonder what PowerShift gearbox is, this is actually a DCT dual-clutch gearbox. Ford’s rival is Toyota, in contrast, towards CVT gearbox.

Kia is also one of the popular car manufacturers applying DCT gearboxKia is also one of the common car manufacturers that use DCT gearboxes

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What is DCT dual clutch gearbox?

Basically, the DCT dual-clutch transmission frees the driver from clutch clutch when shifting. Therefore, the dual clutch gearbox can be briefly described as a combination of two manual transmissions. DCT gearbox consists of 4 levels, 5 levels, 6 levels, 7 levels and 8 levels. Each vehicle will have a different gear level, which is similar to a manual transmission (MT version) in the more improved version. Dual-clutch gearbox has a simple structure, using the dual-clutch gearbox is much more compact.

The shift lever can be designed between gearshifts on the steering wheel or on the gear lever depending on the vehicle. When the driver accelerates the vehicle, each gearbox will have the task of getting ready for the next gear. The DCT gearbox is suitable for vehicles that often travel at high speeds because it does not work very well at low speeds.

For this reason, dual-clutch transmissions are often fitted to sports cars by automakers rather than family cars. This type of gearbox offers flexibility and a sense of enjoyment, so it is highly preferred by men.

The Hyundai i30N will adopt a 7-speed DCT gearbox by the end of 2019The Hyundai i30N will adopt a 7-speed DCT gearbox by the end of 2019

Calibration, adjustment software have a strong impact on the efficiency of this gearbox. DCT gearbox is suitable for producing small cars. For large vehicles such as pickup, passenger car, truck is not suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of the DCT dual-clutch gearbox

Many experts believe that the DCT dual-clutch gearbox is a direct competitor to the CVT gearbox. The reason is easy to understand, that both types of gearboxes have features to help the car save fuel and reduce production costs than traditional automatic gearboxes. However, DCT gearbox is more appreciated with outstanding advantages.

In particular, the CVT gearbox uses a belt to transfer torque and create gears, which can increase the risk of belt skid and cause significant loss of transmission efficiency. DCT dual-clutch gearbox has overcome this, DCT still uses helical gears as manual gearbox to change gear ratio and torque. This structure gives DCT the ability to combine the advantages of both automatic and manual transmissions (two types of gearboxes common in many cars today).

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Dual-clutch gearboxes make the acceleration process quieterDual-clutch gearboxes make the acceleration process quieter

Another advantage of a dual-clutch gearbox is that the car does not have a clutch pedal for the driver to use every shift.

The clutch pair is a wet friction clutch, not only that, but the two clutches are completely independent of each other. One clutch controls the odd-numbered gears (1, 3, 5 and reverse gears), while the other clutch controls even-number shift gears (2, 4 and reverse gear).

Many automakers have adopted the DCT gearbox because of its outstanding advantages.Many automakers have adopted the DCT gearbox because of its outstanding advantages.

The construction of this dual-clutch gearbox helps to keep the vehicle from running out of power. DCT dual clutch gearboxes always ensure traction in line with motion resistance, not only that but also ensure the quality of dynamics for the car. Evaluating the durability of dual-clutch gearboxes, experts also commented that this type of automotive gearbox has a long service life, is quite economical.

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