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What is Blockmax? Is there a scam?


In the previous article, readers joined ElectrodealPro to find out what Publish0x is? Is there a scam? In the following article, ElectrodealPro will introduce to you what is Blockmax? Is there a scam?

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Blockmax is an ITO project that sells OCB tokens. Refer to the following article of ElectrodealPro for details What is Blockmax? Is there a scam?

blockmax is what blockmax does

Article Contents:
1. What is Blockmax ?.
2. What is Blockchain OCB ?.
3. OCB Wallet.
4. Asset transactions.
5. Payment method on Blockmax.
6. Electronic money trading and foreign exchange (Forex) trading.
7. OCB Token.
8. Create Blockmax account.
9. Is Blockmax scam ?.

1. What is Blockmax?

According to what the platform introduced, Blockmax is an ITO project that sells OCB tokens to raise funds for Crypto Bank and is licensed in Manta, USA and Dubai.

The ecosystem includes: exchange, e-commerce on OCB wallet, trade AI.

What is blockmax?

2. What is Blockchain OCB?

Blockchain OCB wallet has been around for a long time, this wallet stores Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoin coins.

In addition, Blockchain OCB also has blockchain explorer (website or tool that allows users to search for blocks) to help users grasp the current Bitcoin status, including the latest transaction information and the number of transactions. translation every day.

Here are some of the features of the OCB Blockchain wallet:

– Useful for raising funds from paper wallets (Paper Wallet).

– Simple interface, easy to use, suitable for both new participants in Bitcoin transactions.

– Including mobile apps.

3. OCB Wallet

Users can use OCB wallet to make payments, make transactions, …. In addition, users can also use many small virtual wallets to make transactions on any platform, even using each wallet for each transaction.

blockmax is what is understood and blockmax

Blockchain OCB wallet provides users with many features and utilities to make transactions and payments fast and secure.

Like many other e-wallets, the OCB Blockchain registration process is quick and easy. Customers only need to fill in the email address information, enter the password to create and access their wallet. Now they can trade Bitcoin and other coins.

4. Asset transactions

The platform interface and OCB wallet are designed to support the transaction, purchase and sale of any assets on the system simply without applying complex processes as well as traditional processes. The transaction takes only a few seconds.

5. Payment method on Blockmax

Linking platform and integrating partners who are retail chain owners as well as banks to ensure the best, safest and most convenient payment system.

OCB currently supports the following payment methods:

– Cash card.

– Debit card.

– Credit.

– Debit card has no system authorization.

– Debit Card International Debit Card.

Private label credit card.

– Prepaid cards.

– Systematic authorized debit card.

6. Electronic money trading and foreign exchange (Forex) trading

In addition to the blockchain wallet and token transaction services on the platform, customers also benefit from the AI ​​system’s cryptocurrency and foreign exchange transactions.

In which, electronic money transactions promise to “take the throne” in the electronic money market with revenue from daily transactions from 100,000 USD to 3/4 million USD. OCB trading platform will be the first choice for customers.

The platform will initially focus on delivering the highest returns for advanced and experienced traders who are looking for a friendly and professional trading platform.

By default the interface will be connected and provided by the OCB exchanges, however the platform can also be used as a “standalone platform” that can easily integrate exchanges and brokers. other traditions.

7. OCB Token

OCB is used as a means of payment and asset to trade crypto / fiat pairs as well as in forex transactions.

OCB tokens will be launched after the platform is finished working with some partner banks and stored in the OCB smart contract.

8. Create Blockmax account

To create Blockmax account, first visit this link.


Fill in the information email address, username and password to create an account.

Does blockmax have a knife?

Blockmax will send you a link to your email address to authenticate your account. After completing the process, you can start making transactions.

9. Is Blockmax scammed?

Currently, there are no information or complaints from users related to Blockmax (OCB token) fraud.

However, ElectrodealPro also recommends that you consider carefully and carefully before participating in investment and trading on any platforms, including Blockmax.
ElectrodealPro article above just answered you about what is Blockmax? Is there a scam? If there are any more questions or questions need answers such as What is FOW Business? Is there a scam ?, readers can leave their comments in the comments section below the article.



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