What is an electronic drawing board? Should choose to buy any good drawing board?

Touchpad (electronic drawing board) is an input device of a computer, allowing you to write, draw, edit easily with just a touch screen and a dedicated pen. Electronic drawing board is a powerful tool of the designer, or the pictorial artists.

As you know, the experience of drawing with pen and paper and drawing with a computer mouse will certainly be very different, especially, if you do not have to be good at traditional drawing, you can manipulate as fluently as drawing with a computer mouse. The introduction of electronic drawing boards will overcome this situation by providing soft drawings suitable for all designers, painters, architects and even non-professionals.


The main parts of an electronic drawing board:

  • Drawing board
  • Touch pen
  • Connection cable
  • Driver installation CD

The common price of electronic drawing board is from 800,000 VND – 2,000,000 VND, in addition some advanced lines like Wacom's Cintiq May have prices up to $ 3000-4000. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a range of drawing boards with different features. Pay attention to the number of strokes, the touch area, with the touch surface simulating paper material or smooth, glossy, … when choosing to buy electronic drawing board.

Electronic board products are worth buying today

Cheap electronic drawings

Gaomon 1060Pro Electronic Drawing Board

Gaomon 1060Pro Electronic Whiteboard – 10×6 inches, GAOMON

Price: 629,000

Updated: October 17, 2019 10:46 am

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Price fluctuations

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Current price

629,000 ₫

October 17, 2019
Highest price 629,000 ₫ October 17, 2019
Lowest price 629,000 ₫ October 17, 2019
Updated on: October 17, 2019

Price changes nearest

629,000 ₫ October 17, 2019
High-end electronic drawings

Electronic drawing board XP-Pen Deco

Electronic drawing board XP-Pen Deco 01 6×10 inch pressing force 8192 2018 sensor – genuine goods (with painter's gloves), XP-Pen

Price: 2,350,000

Updated: October 17, 2019 10:46 am

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Current price

2,350,000 VND

October 17, 2019
Highest price 2,350,000 VND October 17, 2019
Lowest price 2,350,000 VND October 17, 2019
Updated on: October 17, 2019

Price changes nearest

2,350,000 VND October 17, 2019

The best electronic drawing boards available on the market

Electronic drawing board Huion H420

Huion H420 "width =" 348 "height =" 348

Electronic whiteboard HUION H420 Small – Genuine Product

Huion H420 drawing board; 4 x 2.23in operating area (102 x 57mm); 4,000lpi resolution; brush 2,048 pressure levels .; Easy to use



Electronic Drawing Board Huion H420

Huion H420 Electronic Drawing Board Use graphic board, used to draw pictures, 4×2.3inches, with a stylus If you have any questions about the product or other requirements, Please …



Huion H420 drawing board (official delivery goods)

Huion H420 – feel natural and accurate Huion H420 Drawing Board with compact size, 4 x 2.23in operating area (102 x 57mm) and very light weight, with Huion H420 you can …


Huion H420 drawing board is an introductory product for artists who are new to digital drawing, supports and is compatible with many specialized software such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dream Weaver and Paint Tool Wrong. This product is also often used as a digital signature tool, helping to sign documents online without having to print and scan again. Huion 420 is compatible with Mac series (from OS X10.8 and above) and Windows (from 7 and above).

The drawing board is compact, features just enough and is affordable for architecture, design or beginner students. You can make friends with this friend before exploring other expensive products. In particular, Huion "small but martial" will not disappoint you because they are durable, the parameters are stable.

Technical data:

  • Active area: 102 x 57mm
  • Resolution: 4000 LPI
  • Pen force: 2048 levels
  • Size: 177 x 112 x 8 mm
  • Resolution: 4000 LPI

Mouse parameter: Pen height: 0.4inch; Input power: DC 5V; Electric used: 0.35W; Interface supported: Mini USB; Brush used AAA battery (Battery not included).

Electronic drawing board Huion Inspiroy H640P

Huion Inspiroy H610 PRO v2 "width =" 353 "height =" 353

Touchpad Huion Inspiroy H640P small (8192 pressure, pen without battery) – Genuine products

Active Area 6.3 x 3.9in (16 x 10cm); Resolution 5,080lpi; Feedback 233rps; The stylus does not use an 8192 battery and has 6 customizable keys



[ELCL100K giảm max 100K đơn 700K] Huion Inspiroy Electronic Drawing Board H640P Genuine 8192 Press Force And Stylus …

Huion has officially launched the Inspiroy H640P drawing board to the global market, Huion Inspiroy H640P is carefully invested from details to product features, along with …


Huion Inspiroy H640P drawing board (official distribution)

Huion Inspiroy H640P Huion has officially launched the Inspiroy H640P drawing board to the global market, Inspiroy H640P is carefully invested by Huion from details to product features …


Huion product lines are carefully invested from product design to features, exuding elegance and professional beauty. Although located in the mid-range segment, the Huion H640P drawing board stands out with many advantages, worthy of an appropriate choice for designers. The design of Huion H640P Compact, slim, convenient for users to move a lot. The parameters of the Huion Inspiroy H640P drawing board are also very impressive:

Technical data:

  • Active area: 6.3 x 3.9 inches
  • Pen pressure sensor level: 8192 levels
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts: 6 keys
  • Surface: paper simulation, gives you the most realistic feeling
  • Resolution: 5080lpi
  • Brush: pen PW100 Lightweight, sleek design, easy to hold and do not need charging cables.

Wacom drawing board CTL-672

Huion Inspiroy H640P "width =" 351 "height =" 351

Wacom CTL-672 drawing board (large size) for design and graphics (high-end) – Imported goods

Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista SP2, XP SP3, Mac OS X.10.10 and above .; Compact sized art tablet with a large drawing area, …



Wacom CTL 672 – Electronic drawing board for design, graphics

Tablet wacom CTL 672 is widely applied in many different fields but the most powerful in graphic design, can be mentioned in the specific tasks as follows: Actions …


Wacom CTL-672 drawing board (large size) for design and graphics (red – high …

Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista SP2, XP SP3, Mac OS X.10.10 and above. Compact sized art tablet with a large drawing area, …


Wacom drawing board CTL-672 gives a high-level impression, suitable for design professionals, often using Digital Art, teachers teaching related fields. The comfort and variety of features of this drawing board are worth your investment. Spend a considerable amount of money but you will be rewarded with a smooth, less-broken experience, maximum support in your drawing and creative process.

Wacom drawing board CTL-672 Compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10; Vista SP2, XP SP3; Mac OS X.10.10 or higher.

Technical data:

  • Size: 277 * 189 * 8.7 mm
  • Pen force sensor level: 2018 level
  • Sensitivity: 2540 LPI
  • ERM technology Control the pressure of the pen
  • Reading speed: 133 responses / second
  • Pen working area: 216 * 135 mm

As said, the Wacom CTL-672 drawing board is suitable for office people, teachers, experts when combining design and other office administrative tasks. This machine can be connected easily Excel, Word, Powerpoint, … and of course photo editing software like Photoshop …

Many users also give this product a high score by being friendly to desktop / laptop when it is easy to connect to office administrative tools or archives.

Wacom drawing board Intuos Blutooth S CTL-4100WL

Wacom CTL-672 "width =" 349 "height =" 349

Drawing Board Wacom Intuos Bluetooth S CTL-4100WL – Genuine Product

There is no multi-touch, there is bluetooth; New model of Wacom manufacturer produced in 2018; Press force: 4096; Product size: 7.87 x 6.3 x 0.35 "; Drawing area: 6.0 x 3.7"; Trong …



Wacom Intuos Bluetooth S CT drawing board CTL-4100WL / K0 (official distribution) – Black



Wacom Intuos Bluetooth S drawing board CTL-4100WL / E0 Turquoise (official distribution)

Digital painting, painting or photo editing? Whatever you like, the Wacom Intuos CTL-4100WL / E0 has everything you need to create, it's easy to install and use the software …


If you are a professional designer or use electronic drawing tables with high frequency and long term, then Wacom drawing board Intuos Blutooth S CTL-4100WL will be the right choice, convenient for your work. A professional but compact drawing board, with 4096 levels of pressure is sure to impress professional designers.

Technical data:

  • Size: 78.7 * 63 * 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Pen force sensor level: 4096 levels
  • No multitouch, can combine Bluetooth

Pen drawing Intuos headless delete, able to sense up to 4k pressure levels, ergonomically designed for better accuracy and control than previous versions 2018.

Electronic Drawing Board Huion Inspiroy H610 PRO v2

Wacom Intuos Blutooth S CTL-4100WL "width =" 355 "height =" 355

Electronic whiteboard HUION H610PRO v2 new generation – Genuine

Active area 10 x 6.25in, Resolution 5080lpi; 233rps feedback; 8192 battery-free pen pressure level; Customizable keyboard shortcuts: 8 keys, Function keys: 16 keys.



Electronic Drawing Board Huion Inspiroy H610 PRO Press Force 8192 Stylus No Genuine Charger Warranty 1 year

Huion H610PRO is an upgraded version compared to Huion H610. Huion H610 PRO is a dedicated drawing board, beautifully designed, compact with additional parameters and impressive features: …


Huion H610pro V2 drawing board (official distribution)

Huion H610pro V2 graphic drawing board: 10 x 6.25in operating area, 5080lpi resolution, 233rps response, 8192 battery-free touchpad pressing force Customizable keyboard shortcuts: 8 keys, Function keys …


Huion H610 PRO is a hot drawing board template with professional features, the most competitive price in the segment. This product has been upgraded with a firmware that helps it achieve a great configuration with impressive specifications.

Technical data:

  • Resolution: 5080 lines / inch
  • Reading speed: 233 responses / second
  • Sensor level: 8192 levels
  • The PW100 pen does not need to be charged or used

The product has 24 buttons with 8 hard keys and 16 soft keys, helping you customize and quickly operate functions such as zooming, zooming, copying paste, or programming to open the program with the desired buttons.

Salient features: The tilt sensor (TIlt) provides a realistic and natural experience like traditional drawing.

Electronic whiteboard – The best touchpad for any company

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What brand should choose drawing board?

1. Brand Wacom

Wacom Perhaps a brand that is not too strange to most graphics people today, this is a company from Japan and was founded on in 1983 with the main field being the production of drawing boards and pens. In addition, they also produce other equipment related to fine arts, graphics and support tools optimal for drawing Anime characters, …

Currently, Wacom has 4 popular categories included MobileStudio, Cintiq, Bamboo and Intuos are sold at different prices and suitable for many types of subjects, specifically as follows:

  • Electronic touchpad Wacom Cintiq and MobileStudio Pro Being the most advanced product line of Wacom today, these tables are suitable for design work that requires meticulousness and strict requirements about the brushstrokes for the object and at the same time must be accurate. high body. For the line MobileStudio Pro, it is also equipped with many other advanced features such as Wacom Scan 3D or can use as a tablet operate independently.
  • Next, the line of electronic touchpad Wacom Intuos is a mid-range device and is suitable for a lot of graphic objects. This product line is also equipped with advanced features such as design, advanced image editing, … so designers, graphic artists can delight to create their own unique and strange works.
  • The lowest line is the electronic touchpad Wacom Bamboo, this line belongs to the low-end segment and is aimed at students or office workers, the common point of this product line is that it is compact but still equipped with all the features needed to draw. The works of people who are familiar with design, graphics, …

Some outstanding products can be mentioned as Wacom Intuos Bluetooth S CTL-4100WL, Wacom Intuos Pro S PTH-460, Wacom CTL-672, etc.

2. Huion brand

Huion Huion is also a pretty good brand in the field of touchpad today, Huion is a company derived from Hong Kong and was founded on in 2010. The product line of the company is considered a heavy competitor of Wacom recently.

Wacom and Huion? Which company should choose? If we take a quick look at the design as well as the features, we can easily see the products of Wacom usually focus more on hardware applications, device quality while Huion is more focused on providing a better experience for users because of the compact, thin and very modern design that will help you feel lighter when you need to go somewhere and work.

In addition, Huion's products also have a rather prominent advantage that is equipped with quite a lot of function buttons. (from 8 – 16 keys) so it will make the operation simple and faster every time you use it. Some of the best-selling products currently on the market of Huion can be named as Huion H1060P Black, HUION H420 Small, Huion Inspiroy H640P, …

3. Brand of XP-Pen

XP-Pen is a brand of the same origin as Wacom, that is Japan. Established since 2005 So far, XP-Pen has been present in many different countries, especially they also have a good foothold in the market. Europe and America.

The company's products are manufactured on modern lines and especially their stylus pens do not use batteries, so it meets European RoHS standards about being environmentally friendly. Similar to Wacom, XP-Pen also divides its products into different segments, as follows:

  • High-end XP Pen Artist: This product line usually has a relatively large size, from 11-15.6 inches and equipped with many modern technologies to meet the needs of graphic design, art requires meticulous and high precision. . The high-end products of XP-Pen are usually slightly cheaper than Wacom products.
  • The budget segment includes XP Pen Deco and XP Pen Star: These two product lines often have a simple, compact design and are fully equipped with basic features for making graphics, designing, etc. In general, these product lines are very suitable for new audiences. Get familiar with the graphics like students or novices.

The best-selling products of XP-Pen can be mentioned as XP-Pen Star G640S, XP-Pen Deco, Star G430S, …

4. Brand Gaomon

Gaomon is a fairly new brand from China, its products were launched in the local area only in 2011 and in 2016 they started to expand their market to other countries. Gaomon products include USB Pen Tablet, Wireless Pen Tablet, Signature Pad, Pen Tablet Monitor and LED Tracing Board.

Although, it has only been promoted to expand the market in recent times, but Gaomon has also been received quite well by the users because of its modern, thin design and many tiger features. Good support for designers, graphics, … and especially quite affordable.

Some Gaomon products are currently well received by users, such as: Gaomon 1060Pro – 10 × 6 inch, GAOMON Wireless Drawing Table WH850, …

In addition to the above brands, you can also refer to other lists and choose for yourself a product that suits your needs and economic conditions. Some other brands you can refer to include: Vson, Hanwon, OEM, Promax, Ugee, Genius, or Hoco …


Currently, there are many types of drawing boards on the market with diverse prices and features, so depending on your needs and economic conditions, you should consider buying a good and suitable touchpad. Use for your design.

If you have a good buying experience or using an electronic drawing board, please share it Leave a comment below To help other people get more authentic and useful information in choosing to buy this device for study and work!



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