What is a capture?

Capture is a term that seems far away but often heard in life, is the term “screen cap” when we talk everyday in life or want to review the message content without having to copy again. Capture is used in many different meanings for different purposes. So What is Capture and in what ways is it understood?

Meaning of Capture

Capture okay Dictionary translation follow nominal word is acquisition, arrest, or detainee. If we follow the verb, it means to capture, capture, capture, gain …

The word capture is used in the field of computer technology and is also understood with many meanings.

  • Data Capture: Collects data, information and changes it into content so the computer can read it.
  • Screen Capture: Capture the computer screen with the currently displayed content, which may be in the form of images or videos.
  • Capture Card: Input device to convert gameplay signals into digital data for upload to the Internet. We can record, share and stream the entire game screen to social media platforms.
  • Motion Capture: Also known as mocap, technology that captures movement from an object or a person, applied to fields such as military, entertainment, sports, anatomy, medical applications, or to create vision for the robot. The animation and video game fields are also used to record the actors’ movements and use the information to apply to 3D or 2D cartoon characters. When mocap technology makes a character’s movement like fingers or face, they are called private motion or motion tracking or match moving.

What is a capture

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