What is a beautiful picture? Brothers opinion?

What is a beautiful picture? Brothers opinion?

This is probably a very controversial question when you take pictures and view photos. I think this photo is beautiful but others find it ugly? So what is the cause? I created this topic to raise some views of myself and at the same time to ask about your opinions and perspectives.

1. Visually beautiful

Many people believe that before achieving other factors such as content, emotions, a picture must first be visually beautiful. The vision here includes the elements:

  • Layout, selection and arrangement of objects and objects in the image according to the visual effects standards scientifically.
  • Beautiful light.
  • Material in photos: characters, things, facts in photos. The selection of beautiful materials in photos also contributes to a beautiful picture.


Lagi, Binh Thuan, 2019


Pho Cao Market, Ha Giang, 2019

2. Nice content

Beautiful is not enough, some photographers tend to take photos that focus on expressing more content to convey a message, a story, an interesting moment in life, than go Find a picture that is visually beautiful. However, if the picture meets both the visual and the content, it's great: D

.jpg-camera-camera -.jpg.jpg

Hearing impaired girl heard the first sounds in her life, 2016

3. Arousing viewers' emotions

There are photos that are not eye-catching, do not show anything but when viewed, it evokes a lot of personal feelings. It may be because the photographer has taken his own emotions into the image, overcoming the barriers of both form and content.

For me, I especially like photos that bring lots of emotions to watch. It evokes memories and experiences of one's own privacy, but not directly related to the picture but it has a special connection. That is the success of the photographer.


Do Son, Hai Phong, 2015

Well, one important thing, a beautiful photo is not necessarily a "good" photo. What is a good picture? There will be another article for us to discuss.

So for you, what is a beautiful picture? Let me refer to it in the comments below: D

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