What is a 4K projector?
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What is a 4K projector?

In this article, the Network Administrator will answer common questions about 4K projectors and share the secret to choosing this projection device to the most effective offline!

The development of science and technology has brought many remarkable changes in the field of recording and projection, the most typical of which is 4K technology to help bring vivid and sharp images and videos to every detail. details for users to experience with 4K camcorders, 4K cameras, 4K TVs, computer monitors / 4K phones … Projector manufacturers, an ideal projection device in large spaces, serving a large audience, bringing great entertainment moments and serving presentations, teaching … professionals are not out of this trend when they have launched models. 4K projector. Let’s find out about this device right away.

Things to know about 4K projectors

  • What is a 4K projector?
  • Features of 4K projectors

    • The ability to show
    • Technology is applied
    • Design
  • What to pay for a good 4K projector?

What is a 4K projector?

The reason is called a 4K projector because this type of projector has a resolution of reaching 4K standard, yes minimum vertical is 2160 pixels and Minimum width is 3840 pixels, that is number of pixels over 8 million. Currently 4K projectors can meet common resolutions such as 3840 x 2160p, 3996 x 2160p, 4096 x 2160p.

4K projectors deliver vivid, sharp images (comparing Full HD and 4K images).
4K projectors deliver vivid, sharp images (comparing Full HD and 4K images).

Features of 4K projectors

The ability to show

With 4K standard resolution, 4K projector is high definition 4 times the Full HD projector and 10 times more than HD projectors usually, common, normal. Therefore, the words and details in images and videos will be displayed accurately, sharper and brighter, especially without the phenomenon of “broken images”, blurry images even when presented on the screen. Large projection above 100 inches.

4K projectors now have the ability to project well on 100-300 inch screens.

Technology is applied

As the highest quality commercial projector available today, 4K projectors are also prioritized to apply a lot of modern technology to provide the best user experience for users. Some of the technologies, advanced features and utilities of 4K projectors include:

  • Apply technologies like BrilliantColor, 6-color segmented RGB-RGB wheel, AmazingColor, CinematicColor, TRILUMINOS, SuperColor… to bring out the natural, realistic and vivid colors.
  • Apply HDR standard to add depth and naturalness to the image.
  • Apply features like Motionflow, True Cinema, PureMotion, CinemaMaster Video +, CinemaMaster Audio + 2… to ensure the image is not blurred, blurred, the sound is reproduced well, providing a cinema-like movie experience.
  • The slideshow is the 3D content, IMAX Enhanced… High Quality.
  • Adopt technologies that save electricity and extend lamp life.

Sony 4K Projector has a compact, luxurious design.
Sony 4K Projector has a compact, luxurious design.


As a high-end projector, 4K projector is also guaranteed to be compact, elegant, can be easily connected to various source devices such as computers, digital heads …

What to pay for a good 4K projector?

Since the first 4K projector was launched by Sony in 2012, many 4K projector models from brands such as Optoma, Vivitek, BenQ, Viewsonic have also appeared on the market. , there are also some projector models from Epson, JVC, BenQ … using 4K Upscale technology or 4K Enhanced (4K technology simulator) to upgrade HD and Full HD content to become more clear and as close to 4K standard as possible to reduce product costs.

To choose a good 4K projector, you should keep in mind the following points:

  • Choose to buy 4K projectors from reputable brands to ensure quality and warranty.
  • Choose to buy a 4K projector with the specifications that best suit your needs. In addition to the high contrast ratio needed to ensure the sharpest images even in a brightly lit room, you should be aware of brightness settings that best suit your intended use. For example, a brightness of 2,000 – 3,000 ansi lumens is suitable for rooms with fewer than 100 people, while at large events involving thousands of people, a brightness of 6,000 ansi lumens or more is required. In addition, you should also pay attention to choose a projector that matches the screen size you want to use.
  • Choose a 4K projector with a reasonable price. 4K projector prices are quite expensive but also quite diverse and rich, there are cheap models only a few tens of millions of dong, some models of several hundred million dong while also models with prices of more than 1 billion dong. Sony’s 4K projectors usually cost quite a lot, while brands like Optoma, Viewsonic, BenQ … also have cheap models under VND 100 million. In addition, if you want a lower price and still have sharp images and near 4K standards, you can refer to the 4K projector model.

4K projectors provide a cinematic, lifelike entertainment experience.4K projectors provide a cinematic, lifelike entertainment experience.

Besides choosing a good 4K projector, you should also pay attention to buy the accompanying equipment such as projection screen, the latest HDMI cable, projector bracket … quality to ensure the experience of 4K content. the best.

Hopefully the above information has helped you to better understand the current “popular” 4K projector with the ability to show 4K movies, outstanding 4K entertainment content, vivid, true and will be New future of modern projection technology.

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