What features online gamblers should look for in their phone upgrade

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For avid online gamers and gamblers, having a decent mobile phone is key to a great gaming experience. With manufacturers adapting their designs to be increasingly user-friendly, it’s easy to see how the majority of online betting may now start to take place on mobile devices.

Of course, you can get information on what is the best gaming phone, with sites such as www.techradar.com/news/ outlining the best products in this field, but if you want to know which are the most important features to check as an online gambler, read on!

Screen resolution

Screen resolution is extremely important and will have a direct impact on your enjoyment of the slot game or jackpot you are playing. Resolution consists of the number of pixels that make up the display screen- the higher the resolution, the more pixels there are. This means a higher ability to display more visual information in a clear and detailed way.

Refresh rate

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When logging on to play your favourite casino game, you might not be aware of how important the refresh rate of the device is. Casino games and slots are fast-paced and benefit from a decent refresh rate. This refers to the number of times a screen redraws the image. A high rate means less motion blur and a much clearer image quality. You should be looking for a minimum of 60Hz; while casino games certainly don’t require this to run, you’ll appreciate the difference in quality.

Processing power

Many of the top casino mobile game providers offer lite, sleek and fast versions of their games. This doesn’t mean, however, that processing power is not important. The processor inside your mobile is responsible for carrying out certain functions that make your device operate correctly. Sometimes referred to as a ‘brain’ of the device, they play a central role in everything you do. 

While low processing power won’t drastically affect your user experience when playing casino games online, having a high processing speed can only benefit how smoothly your phone runs in and out of gaming. When playing online at a jackpot site such as https://games.paddypower.com/c/daily-jackpots, you want your phone to execute your manoeuvres and commands quickly and efficiently. While titles like Rainbow Jackpots and Dynamite Riches can run on low processing speeds, having a high-end processor will help futureproof your device.

Ergonomic design

If your phone is too heavy, too big, or does not sit well in your hands, you are going to have a hard time enjoying playing at online casinos. You need a device that is ergonomic and designed to be held both horizontally and in portrait mode. Enjoying a big screen while also being able to reach the buttons you need to press is important, so always try before you buy!

Long battery life

Imagine you’ve just logged on to play your favourite jackpot and suddenly the screen goes black! Ensuring your phone has a decent battery life is a great way to avoid disappointment and frustration. Playing games on a mobile drains the battery quicker than other activities, but if you have a long-life battery and stay on top of recharging, you should be absolutely fine. If you want to know other ways to save battery life while gaming, you can check out this handy guide full of tips at https://www.gamesradar.com/.

Picking a new mobile phone can be daunting at the best of times, but picking one that will meet your gaming and gambling requirements is even tougher. While following these tips won’t guarantee you hit the jackpot, it can make trying just that little bit easier and more fun.

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