What errors are you having with iOS 13 beta, let's fix it together
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What errors are you having with iOS 13 beta, let's fix it together

This topic invites you to share the experiences and errors that you encounter in the process of use, and if you share more about how to overcome, it is good. I rate since iOS 12 until iOS 13, Apple has made the beta very good, but it can't be without errors for users. : D iOS 13 just released is no exception. Here are the errors that I have encountered myself, as well as refer to many other sources for you to consult:

  1. Graphics errors in wave columns, transition effects and horizontal rotation of the screen => Up Beta 2 is much more resilient, but it still suffers
  2. Or hang the black screen with the circle icon => Reset the white machine, then restore the data.
  3. Many 3rd party applications have conflicting errors, or automatically turn off. Chat applications such as Viber, Zalo are faulty => Because the developer has not tested the app on iOS 13 yet. Waiting for them to update, deleting and reinstalling is also a solution, I think Viber's time has also been updated. it was much better
  4. Some cases I know on iOS beta suddenly cannot use FaceID, currently it is not clear whether it is due to iOS or objective issues, you should consider
  5. A few minor bugs with the keyboard, there was an error typing TELEX Vietnamese => Waiting for the patch update.
  6. Weak waves and dropped calls
  7. Flashlight and camera icons outside the lock screen are lost occasionally
  8. Some navigation applications have problems with GPS signals, their Google Maps misplaced continuously.
  9. Some graphics and display errors => This is waiting for the update to patch you.
  10. Warm up during use

A few other shares

Currently I'm quite satisfied with what iOS 13 brings, beta 2 has fixed many bugs and I hope beta 3 will be more complete. If you get an error, the best advice is to back up the data, reset all settings and content on the computer and restore it. If you want to return to iOS 12, you can refer to the article below. Those are experiences on iPhone X. Please share more below.

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