What does the movie ``Shawshank's Redemption'', Andy's departure, show

What does the movie “Shawshank’s Redemption”, Andy’s departure, show

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Today, I will introduce a movie “The Shawshank’s Redemption”. I think the redemption brought to us by this movie is the redemption of our youth. Tommy became a knowledgeable person and wanted to be admitted to college. The moment he was admitted, Tommy was saved. Redemption in middle age is Andy’s self-salvation, forgiving his wife’s betrayal, forgiving his cowardice, and repenting of self-salvation in prison. It was Reid’s salvation, paying for the mistakes made in his youth, and spent 40 years in prison. It is the salvation of the warden, a Christian who envelops God, but the final outcome is suicide and death forever, he is repenting, for so many years of corruption and bribery, indiscriminate killing of the innocent, but repenting, and committing suicide with fear of sin. Salvation in old age. It was Lao Bu’s salvation. He spent 50 years in prison. After he was released from prison, he fell behind too many times. Under pressure from various parties, he finally chose to commit suicide. Actually, each of us may not be Andy, but it must be Reid. We are mediocre. Odd, looking for salvation in Xiao Shengke prison.

We are insignificant and ignorant, trapped by a series of prison rules, we are used to rules and hierarchical suppression, we are locked in cages, year after year, Rhett’s life was originally without sunshine, but Andy changed Rhett’s ending, when he saw no hope in Xiaosheng Kerry, told him that there was still light and did not repeat the mistakes of the old man in the library. Rhett was released on parole four times. The first three times he yearned for parole, but all Rejected, it seems to me that Rhett, who had made the first three times, did not repent of the big mistakes he committed at all, but just yearned for the light outside.

And for the last time, Andy’s departure made him understand that he was paying for the mistakes he committed when he was young. Only by constantly repenting can he remember and never make mistakes. Undoubtedly, Rhett’s ending is the best for everyone in the play. A murderer sentenced to life imprisonment, a murderer who robbed others for a lifetime, and finally regained his freedom at the cost of 40 years of dark prison life. For Reid, Andy is undoubtedly the nobleman in his life. He gave him hope of life and even left Rhett with a lot of valuable money after he was released from prison.

Finally, I think “Forrest Gump” is suitable for Americans. Forrest Gump’s experience and historical background reflect the characteristics of the United States, but it does not resonate much with the Chinese or other countries. “Shawshank’s Redemption” is different. Although I don’t read the Bible and don’t believe in Christ, I can roughly understand the meaning of redemption. Every time I read it, I feel it. Every time I see the escape from prison, I feel the power.


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