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What does President Donald Trump bring when traveling abroad?

US President Donald Trump is about to make a trip to the UK in 3 days (3-5 / 6) and like every other overseas trip, there will be lots of outbound trips and a range of equipment and personnel. follow him. It is envisaged that the cost of the police guard during Mr. Trump's 3-day visit is about £ 18 million (or more than VND 500 billion), and below are the facilities and entourage in one US President's trip.
Usually, Mr. Trump will have two identical Air Force One aircraft, developed from Boeing 747-200B codenamed 28000 and 29000. The landing of his plane is also a secret until the end, During his upcoming visit to the UK, it is possible that his First Air Force will land on Stansted Airport in north London.

Air force is not the name of a fixed aircraft, it is reserved for a vehicle that carries the president sitting on it, probably a codename 28000 or 29000. Maybe he will bring one or two , as in the most recent visit to England, both are used. According to US newspapers, Donald Trump intends to bring the whole family on a visit to the UK so both aircraft will be used.

The presidential plane is armed and classified into military aircraft, designed to be able to deal with aerial attacks. It can release enemy enemies' heat-trap or radar-assault. In addition, Air Force One can also refuel in the air, giving it unlimited flight distance. In order to serve the president, the aircraft is also equipped with secure communication devices, with about 85 phones as well as two-way computer and radio connections on the aircraft.

Before Mr. Trump came to the airport, many trips at C-17 Globemaster also carried vehicles, helicopters, and equipment to serve him many days ago.

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One of Mr. Trump's unrelated things is the suitcase or nuclear bag nicknamed "Football". It was brought alongside the president all the time, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Mr. Trump could order nuclear attacks from anywhere. In this bag contains Gold Codes for the president to activate nuclear weapons. These gold codes are arranged in columns and printed on a plastic card with the nickname "biscuit", its size is equivalent to a credit card.
Like Air Force One, Mr. Trump brought two vehicles The identical Beast, one that distracted, both cars carried Washington DC state plate number 800-002.

When inaugurated, Mr. Trump used The Old Generation's Obama Beast but last year, the new generation of cars was ready to serve. Secret Service and General Motors (The Beast development group) kept this new generation secret.

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Presidential trucks on the road weigh about 9 tons with armored bodies and bulletproof windows. Its facilities include tear gas grenade launchers, night vision cameras and satellite phones. The Beast is capable of carrying at least 7 people. The beasts we have learned a lot, so I do not say it again, when there will be updates about the new generation, it will be said later.

Along with the 2 The Beast, there is a long convoy of cars and vehicles on duty … following as you see below. All of these vehicles are American vehicles, brought from the US, local vehicles are in the outer ring.

In addition to cars, there are also Marine One helicopters in the group serving the president. It is usually the name for the VH-3D Sea Kings or the smaller one is the White Hawks VH-60N. Of course it is also armed with missiles and communication devices. Because of the white paint above, it has a white tops nickname. Marine One often flies in formation, including aircraft that serve as decoys.

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Marine One is often escorted by two or three Osprey MV-22 green tops. It carries a support team, special forces, and secret agents to deal with situations while flying.

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In the upcoming trip to England, Mr. Trump is expected to bring about 1,000 personnel, including about 150 Secret Service agents (USSS). In only 3 days, thousands of people went along and lots of hotel rooms were booked, or even included that hotel for the staff.

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Mr. Trump will visit about 6 locations and all are scheduled, agents and agents also survey these locations before Mr. Trump arrives, as well as strict protection while the US president is present.

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You, or the countries that the US President will visit, will mobilize a huge police force to do the task, like the one you went to Hanoi, all the police are ready. Cost is also a huge amount, like a 4-day visit to the UK in July last year, costing the police up to £ 14.2 million. At that time, about 10,000 police were mobilized.

The Met Police anti-terrorism forces armed with submachine guns are also used. During this year's visit, the cost to the police is said to be around £ 18 million.


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