What do you think about this photo?

What do you think about this photo?

This is an iPhone image that has been uploaded to iOS 13 after returning to recovery mode, the point of note is the USB-C cable icon, above the MacBook instead of iTunes as before. Partly because the new macOS 10.15 has completely removed the name "iTunes".


On the left is the iOS 13 Recovery icon, to the right of previous iOS versions.

The point is the change of the USB-C cable instead of the Lightning cable as before. Many comments from foreign technology sites have suggested that iPhone 2019 (iPhone XI) will change to USB-C.

However, this observation is "ambiguous", the feature when USB-C cable images and upward arrows are used for MacBooks, not in the form of plugging into the iPhone – in the way of using Lightning USB-C. I tried the old MacBook (from 2015 onwards) and the iPhone was on iOS 13 plugged in via USB-A to Lightning, Recovery mode was still the USB-C icon and the MacBook as above.


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