What do you know about the "catalysts" of happiness?

What do you know about the “catalysts” of happiness?

Did you know that every emotion and feeling you get every day is determined by certain chemicals in your body? Have you ever wished you could create chemicals for your own happiness? Imagine how easy it is to get out of bed every morning in the early winter, even the most tedious part of work will become more enjoyable, and you’ll always find the energy to take enjoy life in the fullest way. Let’s take a look at what chemicals in the body are deciding most of your “quality of life.”

First of all, we have to affirm that emotions and feelings of the body are not naturally generated or lost, but much based on real effects. Take the simple example: The energy in the body declines causing animals to feel hungry and this urges them to seek food to alleviate that discomfort. Or they look for warm places to reduce the bad feeling of cold. And the chemicals that create feelings of happiness begin to be created in the brain as soon as the animal finds food or a warm place.

The same is true of humans. Happy chemicals will be activated in your brain when you find a way to meet your immediate needs at the time such as food, safety or support and help from others. . However, this process in humans will be more complicated than in animals due to differences in our cortical structure – creating a long chain of links.

The feeling we call ‘happiness’ is created from four special brain chemicals: dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin. These happy chemicals are activated when your brain sees something that is beneficial to your situation at the time, especially those that affect survival.

4 happy hormones

However, each type of chemical triggers a different feeling of happiness, as follows:

Dopamine brings you excitement and energy when you find things that meet your needs. However dopamine will immediately deactivate once the need has been met, which means you have to find new ways to pursue what is important to you, based on past dopamine increases. .

Endorphins create feelings of euphoria, which can help reduce stress and increase feelings of satisfaction in a short time. Basically, endorphins are mainly released when we are engaged in sports activities, or using certain foods such as chocolate, peppers and ginseng.

Oxytocin creates a sense of security for others, helps you connect and trust them, so this is also known as the “Love Hormone”. When Oxytocin is released, you are filled with feelings of attachment, trust, and empathy. However, when this chemical is absent, you will immediately feel lonely, empty, hopeless and lose faith.

Serotonin creates feelings of respect and pride, as well as cravings and a number of other functions. This chemical is mainly found in the brain, intestines and blood. Serotonin deficiency can cause feelings of depression, anxiety disorders.

Happiness will be at hand if you always have these wonderful catalysts.


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