What do women need in a modern refrigerator? - Photo 1.
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What do women need in a modern refrigerator?

And that hit right on the psychology of buying this item of women today.

Because the two words "women" should all widgets are interested by the sister society also go along with good looks. Especially the kitchen is often associated with the silhouette of the woman in the family so from the layout to the household appliances are taken care of. The refrigerator has a large role and size so it is even more noticeable when it is often placed in a position not only easy to manipulate but also a highlight for the place where family warming is the most.

Click on the minimalist design, elegant bold European refrigerator line Side by Side RS5000 of Samsung easily make an impression on women at first sight. Flat Style Design design language with modern angular lines exudes sophistication, easy to integrate into every interior space without fear of fad in the long term of use.

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Minimalist design of the refrigerator Side by Side contributes to the elegance and modernity of the kitchen

With the kitchen with modernity, refrigerator Side by Side 2019 is "suitable" thanks to the optimal design to put on the wall. The neatness plus elegance and elegance from Samsung's new refrigerator line is really an exciting start for all Vietnamese women to create delicious meals.

Is a solid "rear" for all delicious food

In today's busy life, it is really inconvenient to go to the market / supermarket every day with the woman who is working and taking care of her family. So the refrigerator became more intimate with women when playing a "rear" role that contained all the food for the whole family for many days in a row.

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That is also the reason why the sister association "love" to add the Side by Side 2019 refrigerator. Applied SpaceMax technology to make the cabinet much thinner, increase the interior storage space up to 100L compared to other refrigerators. same size. This makes more sense for the kitchen space not too much about the area, products from Samsung easily fit and can let the sister society contain comfortable things.

In addition to the refrigerator being large enough to accommodate all the ingredients needed for cooking, the ability to preserve fresh and delicious food is also a woman's concern. All Around Cooling technology brings the integrated air throat with activated carbon screen at all refrigerator cabinets Side by Side 2019 to create an ideal and uniform storage environment in all locations. Thus, Samsung's new line of refrigerators brings the trust of freshness to food despite long-term preservation.

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All Around Cooling Technology in the refrigerator 2019 Side by Side gives every tray with integrated air throat integrated activated carbon filter so this helps evenly cool while deodorizing and antibacterial.

In addition, the first Metal Cooling technology equipped on Samsung refrigerator products helps deep cooling, reducing heat loss when opening the locker many times, thereby saving more power. This technology incorporates the famous Digital Inverter of the Korean electronics company to create a "coherent" duo to help women, mothers will be less burdensome every month to receive electricity bills.

The convenience of use is the factor that makes the product ideal for women

Although it is a "family" product, women and mothers must always be the ones who use the refrigerator the most. Therefore, Vietnamese women need both convenience and ease of use. At this point, the Side by Side refrigerator "conquers" women with minimal DNA from design to use, without fretting buttons but just opening the cabinet for immediate use.

The convenience for housewives is pushed to the maximum on RS5000 refrigerators with 3 doors and equipped with water & stone grabs right outside, no need to open the cabinet takes time.

The Side by Side 2019 3-Door Refrigerator also offers peace of mind for grandmother and mother when the house has small children. The cool tray below will be easy for young children to open themselves without disturbing to adults, while avoiding the possibility of catching the chair without falling easily. Interestingly, with two separate cool trays, the sister association will have a way to store more scientific food when fresh food is left alone, without the nose with fruits and drinks.

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Convenient for small children to open cabinets for food, drinks they love and food to be free from odors is a great benefit from refrigerator products.

An ideal refrigerator for women like Samsung's Side by Side 2019 is not simply a place to preserve food for the whole family, but also partly demonstrates the Vietnamese woman's assurance and skill. Male in the construction of the family home.

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