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What do the three movements on Apple Watch mean, how to calculate it?

Activity: 3 color rings symbolizing the movement and movement of the user is one of the best and most useful features on the Apple Watch. By making these three rings closed in a circle, users will have a more active day, more fun and healthier.

Red circle: Move (Move)

This round represents the amount of energy that users burn actively in a day. Apple Watch with algorithms and sensors will monitor, measure and record user active movements of the day such as: Travel; Up and down stairs; Play with children; Clean the house; Exercise … Apple says that staying active for a day is very important for a healthier life.

By default this round will have the recommended score according to the user's personal information (Gender; Age; Height; Weight …). Then every week Apple Watch will suggest to adjust the number of points so that more suitable for the amount and type of user movement. I personally find Apple Watch always trying to help users move more so it usually adjusts up but I don't see it adjust down.

Users can adjust this score manually by manipulating the following:

  • Open the Activity software on Apple Watch
  • Tap the screen lightly (Force touch)
  • Touch the Change Move Goal section to adjust
  • Use the +/- button or rotate Digital Crown to increase or decrease to the desired number

Note: When you are in Competition mode with other Apple Watch users, adjusting this parameter may change the tournament score.

Banana Green Circle: Fitness (Excercise)

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This round represents the time that users exercise or play sports in a day. By brisk walking for a long enough time or opening a specific sport on the Apple Watch to play, this round will be counted.

The number that Apple offers is 30 minutes of movement for each day and cannot be changed. Apple says 30 minutes of physical activity every day will help users reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease and weight gain. It also helps us sleep better, reduce stress and improve mood.

The sports screen of each default subject will display 5 different lines of information. For example, running will be: Time; Speed; Heartbeat; Burning calories and calories. However, users can completely add and remove these parameters as desired. To adjust, do the following:

  • Open Watch software on iPhone
  • Go to Exercise (Work out) / View exercises (Metrics) / Multiple metrics (Multi metrics)
  • Go to each exercise to customize

Note: the sports exercise software other than Activity software are recorded by Apple Watch workout time and calories burned. Users can install and use other favorite sports software to practice and complete their circle.

Blue ring: Stand (Stand)

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This round represents the user standing up and moving at least 1 minute in each hour and Apple requires at least 12 times per day to close this circle.

Sitting too much is a problem of the present day when most of the work in modern cities is office work. Sitting too much will cause a lot of health problems and that's why Apple created a unique parameter to monitor and remind users to stand up and move.

Apple recommends that users take a minute to stand up and go get another glass of water, stretch their shoulders, or simply say hello to a colleague for a few sentences … Movement gestures seem small but steady every hour will help users feel healthy and prevent more diseases.

To help users complete these three campaigns every day Apple has created incentive features such as Assistant (Coaching); Sharing (Sharing); Challenges (Competitions) and Medals (Awards)

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  • Assistant (Coaching): will calculate and suggest for Apple Watch users what to do to complete their campaign rounds at the end of each day.
  • Sharing (Sharing): by sending invitations and making friends with other Apple Watch users, we can observe and receive selective notifications when our friends complete a sporting or closed activity. a circle. This helps us to be reminded, motivated and inspired to move more.
  • Challenge (Competitions): After making friends, Apple Watch users can challenge each other to see who is more active in 7 consecutive days. The winner will have a beautiful honor medal. More details about this feature you can read in the Details of Competition feature on Apple Watch: How to play and how to get maximum score
  • Medal (Awards): every new threshold, new achievement, new activities of Apple Watch users in the fitness exercise schedule are recorded and awarded by Apple Watch with very beautiful medals. These small medals are beautifully displayed both on the Apple Watch and iPhone, helping users look back on their training process in a beautiful way.

Please see more how users around the world complete their 3 training rounds here Apple

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